July 1, 1996 – Communism is a good word

Maharaj, such a great world teacher, sometimes also tries to train me personally. Today He asks me what I will say if asked to speak about these topics: “What is Dharma?” “Communal disharmony.” “Relations between God and humans.” “Casteism.” I have no idea what I would say. He has to always coach me, from inside. In any case, we can understand that these subjects are important in His mission.

            Leaving aside these topics, He launches into another one: communism.

            “Communism” is often used to mean a kind of rule or discipline. This is like sectarianism—the idea that one path or fort is the only and best way. But the word “communeis based on the idea that all are equal. It doesn’t mean to punish those who are progressive. but rather to help those who are truly weak, who have no resources, who can’t work because of sicknesses. There are various ways of helping, such as giving in charity, tithing, helping with housing, langar. “Communism” is a good word. It means to get together to work, eat, and live, and to share the results.

 All the prophets did this, but the average people didn’t do it, so the idea didn’t have the desired results. The idea is very good, but people won’t sit together or have compassion or the desire to serve each other. Only those who believe in God will do that. Communism’s vision is Dharma, as seen in all religions.

Words have great meaning, but gradually people forget the real meaning. Does communism mean sharing everything or dictatorship? It is the former. As Guru Nanak said, there is one God; understand Him as the chief or king, just like a worldly ruler. Communism is actually God, Who shares everything, giving people willpower, giving to everyone, from labourer to clerk.

Marx had the power of the pen, by which he wrote against the king and the pope. But he made a mistake in writing about dharma. He called it “the opiate of the people.” His pen had such power that he divided the world into two great powers.

Communism never came into effect on a practical, down-to-earth level. It has only existed at the time of the prophets. Look at Jesus surrounded by thousands of people. He didn’t call it “communism.” He just said to love His Father. Look at Moses: He saw that his own community had no food, so he gave up kingship to help those who were enslaved.