Gobind Sadan—a living interfaith spiritual community founded by Baba Virsa Singh on the outskirts of New Delhi, India—is like paradise to me and many who come here. I am Mary Pat Fisher, author of Living Religions and other college textbooks on religion. I have never seen another place like Gobind Sadan anywhere in the world. It gives practical expression to Babaji’s mission, demonstrating the oneness of religions, the oneness of all prophets, the power of faith in God, true spirituality, work as worship, empowerment of the poor and weak, and the oneness of our human family.

Babaji left his physical body on December 24, 2007, but he is quite present with us and continuing to manage everything. We call him “Maharaj,” “The Great King,” for he is a tremendously powerful spiritual teacher.

We are a cross-section of humanity: wealthy and poor, highly educated and illiterate, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, and Buddhists, from India and many other countries. By Maharaj Ji’s inspiration, we live, work, and worship together as members of one human family. Devotions go on night and day in many sacred places here—our several havans (sacred fires), Darbar Sahib, mosque, Jesus’ Place, temples to many deities, Buddha and Mahavir’s pavilion, and the Sh’ma Place of Jewish worship—according to Maharaj Ji’s directions. Miracles of healing and transformation happen all the time in this genuine spiritual atmosphere.

Extensive information about Gobind Sadan and Baba Virsa Singh Ji Maharaj are available on our official website, www.gobindsadan.org, and our Russian website, www.gobindsadan-rus.org. This website is devoted to my own impressions of Gobind Sadan since I first came here to live in 1991. I have seen many places and teachers in the world, but nothing impresses me so much as Gobind Sadan and Maharaj Ji. May these true spiritual stories, photos, books, and videos from this unique spiritual community be a source of inspiration to you also.

With love from paradise, Mary