11 January 1998 – Healing divisions among Sikhs

Gobind Sadan has a gurdwara, but it is not under the aegis of the Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee. There are also other places of worship here, such as havans, which are not considered part of mainstream Sikhism.  Maharaj ji says, “This is our house. We can do whatever we want to do.” Nevertheless, he always tries to shape our basic spiritual programme according to the discipline set by Guru Nanak when he and his followers lived at Kartarpur. Maharaj ji avoids aligning Gobind Sadan with any political party or religious faction. Because of his neutrality, as well as his spiritual power and wisdom, leaders of all parties and factions come to him.

            Now it is the turn of Sikh leaders, with the top personalities being at loggerheads over selection of the leadership of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee. Both of these leaders—Gurcharan Singh Tohra, President of Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandak Committee, Amritsar, and Prakash Singh Badal, leader of the Akali Dal Party and Chief Minister of Punjab—have appealed to Maharaj ji to resolve their logjam. Badal is Maharaj ji’s longtime devotee; Tohra came on 9 January to visit in a very friendly-seeming manner. He humbly took Maharaj’s blessings and Jaap Sahib, and then privately requested Maharaj ji to name the committee members himself, as Badal has also requested him, in order to end the in-fighting in the committee.

            Now a delegation from the SGPC has come to Maharaj ji. He urges them to form a new committee of people who do not drink liquor. He tells them,

            Become Gursikhs, Students of the Guru. He is very powerful and he will help you. Become Sikhs of the one of whom rulers were afraid because his character was so high [he is referring to Guru Gobind Singh]. Be afraid only of Guru Gobind Singh. Love the Guru. If you want anything, request it from him.

            When you speak, speak firmly. Go ahead with great willpower. Become such an example that on looking at you, people will know what Sikhs are. Remain without enmity.

            Badal and Tohra came here with love. They have already asked for my hukam and say they won’t interfere.

            Become good from inside. Then why have any fear? The Fearless God is within you. This is our Father’s House! Your character, speech, and lifestyle must become fully dharmic.

[Postscript: As reported in News from Gobind Sadan, January 1998, “Infighting between the two factions persisted up to the day of the election. On that day, as requested, Babaji sent his selections for the executive committee members to be presented to all the members at Rakab Ganj Gurdwara, with the Jathedar (head priest) from Akal Takt, Amritsar, present as observer. Miraculously, the selections were unanimously accepted amidst ‘pin drop silence,’ and all 51 committee members bowed before the Guru Granth Sahib (holy Sikh scripture). Everyone marveled that this was the first time since the committee was formed that such a peaceful election had taken place. All the members came to Gobind Sadan to thank Babaji and to take his blessings. He warned them against enmity emphasizing that it is strictly forbidden by the Sikh Gurus. He asserted, ‘Our father will never be happy if his children are fighting. Sikhism has suffered because we are quarreling with each other in the gurdwaras. Guru Gobind Singh is very happy that you have made a unified decision. This is a sign that there can be peace in our community. Blessings have been bestowed; now dharam will spread.’”]