1 January 1998 – The power of Jaap Sahib

            Maharaj begins the new year with reflections on the power of Jaap Sahib. For the past two months since he received hukam for us to recite “Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Sahib” (Oh great and blessed Guru Gobind Singh Sahib) at the end of each Chhand of Jaap Sahib, we have been doing so. Maharaj says,

           Now it has gone into the whole environment. You are praising the One who gives us everything and takes care of us from the beginning.

             Then he tells the story of a child who came last month. He was stranded for three days in stormy seas. Although the situation was hopeless, he read Jaap Sahib and kept seeing Maharaj there everywhere. Maharaj says,

            I told him He is in the seas. This was proof that “Wherever you are, I am.” He saved that child. There is so much blessing in Jaap Sahib that not a hair was harmed. So great is the Master—fire and the whole cosmos are under Your control. You are standing everywhere.

            Once the vision came that if one sets Jaap Sahib in a high place, even if bombs are falling they will not harm that place.

            All the prophets have passed on God’s Power in their own way. Wherever Guru Nanak went, he gave water to everyone, for his shakti was thus passed on. Similarly, Guru Gobind Singh gave inner strength to people by stirring water [to make amrit] and casting his Merciful Gaze. Thus those who received that amrit rose above karma. 

            Reciting Maharaj’s Nam and Jaap Sahib burns our karmas and they turn to light. Our bad things are forgiven and good comes forth.

            Now that the New Year is beginning, Jaap Sahib will spread to the whole world, for it does not belong to any one religion or country. It praises the same One spoken of by Moses, by Jesus. The time is fixed. Perhaps the time is now, by Guru Gobind Singh’s blessing.

            One who reads Jaap Sahib feels, “How great, how merciful He is!” Gobind Sadan’s role is to spread Jaap Sahib.

           When I was young I always felt Guru Gobind Singh near me. He kept me illiterate so I would say, “Sat bachan!” [Yes, sir!] rather than questioning everything. Why did the hukam come to cut seven bananas? There are also spiritual orders of forty day spiritual retreats—as when Moses and Jesus sat in silence, fasting. God’s hukam is often beyond understanding or question. When we lived at Shiv Sadan, the hukam came to leave there and go to Gobind Sadan in Delhi. I loved it there, but we came back. And now so many Jaap Sahibs are being recited here. He knew: This is the result. The crops there are good and here people’s sadness has ended.

           He is so powerful, sitting in every place, so merciful. He is such a great Father. God worries so much about us; we have no worries.

           A good year has come of tapasya, of blessings, of mantra which will be caught by the air.