December 31, 1997 – Take happiness from God


It is New Year’s Eve, and Maharaj is inspired to give a great message to close devotees from Russia and the US who have gathered at his feet. In part, he says,

God is so joined with us that we can never separate from Him. If He is not in me and you, neither can I speak nor you listen. God is part of us. He has so much love and compassion that we should take as much as we can. This is something that everyone can buy, not only the wealthy. No special colour or currency are required. The only thing He wants is the love within us.

            We all want to be happy. We should take happiness from God. There is no doubt that He will never withdraw it. We can’t measure what He will fill us with. He is very merciful. He doesn’t see our faults. We all need to take His blessings. The Love He gives us is indescribable. Its taste is much more than we can express.

            When I see people unhappy, I ask God to give them happiness as the cure. He is always showering it. The door to His blessings is always open.

            When That taste comes, other tastes no longer appeal. We may live in our home or work in an office, but that which makes us so happy remains. Then it spreads to others.

            So we should all take His blessings and become good persons, for we have been given birth for this. He sent us innocent and fearless and joyful into the world. We have forgotten, but it is our right to take more.

            The food of our mind is not worldly—it is only God’s Love. It is so valuable that no one can buy it. How great He is that He gives it freely. With one tongue we cannot thank Him enough. Nothing He gives could be purchased in the world. Love can only by purchased with love.

            He loves us as His children, so it is our responsibility to be as good children before Him. It is a very fortunate day when God spreads love through you. Our worry and fear will leave.

            All people’s minds are sick. The remedy is only with God, and He gives it for free. So dance, sing, and eat well, but don’t worry. Seeing His greatness, thank Him for providing everything for us before we came. When God sees you joyful, He will be happy.

            Don’t count your years. Your spirit has no age. Ask God to give you more strength to be happier. That inner Power is always young and loving. So what is age? Love and enjoy but always remember to pray to Him. He will give everything we ask for.

            You have understood well that He is always ready to give the Love we want. Take it because He is always ready to give. May God bless you with inner love, compassion, and willingness to serve—to be good children, to be happy.

            If you listen with love and love God, I will feel that I haven’t wasted my time. I have only one demand: that God will give you love and happiness, and that you will love Him, love the world, love the whole Creation. I have faith that God has been supplying you with His love. He doesn’t make us wait. He is not like us.

            Have such a light life that you are always enjoying. He is the only one who can give us this, but sometimes He is alone and no one is coming in love. Isn’t there anyone who just wants love? Take that and everything follows. He will clear our minds and come and dwell there.