January 13, 1998 – Islam is based on love

Mohammad Rafiq Shariq Warsi from the great Deva Sharif shrine in Barabanki, UP, has come again to see Maharaj ji. He praises Maharaj ji lovingly and speaks of love as the essence of religion. Maharaj tells him,

            Worship in which there is no love is wasted. The Prophet Muhammad also stood on the base of divine mercy. He revealed that Allah is the Master of the earth and heavens, the Most Supreme, Unequalled. He emphasized love and mercy. He said that a person who stirs up people in the name of the Prophet and Allah has no link with Islam.

            The Holy Qur’an is the whole ocean in a thimble. It says you should respect all religions and then you should have faith in the Qur’an. Otherwise your worship is not accepted.

            The word “Muslim” means one with a loving heart, a heart of wax. Now people don’t worship or do five Namaz daily, so what is their connection with the Messenger? A person who doesn’t do the Five Pillars of Islam is not following the order of the Prophet.

            The Holy Qur’an is very deep, but those who are supposed to explain it don’t understand it. Here at Gobind Sadan we celebrate all the prophets’ days, thanking God that He put his Nur (Light) in a messenger, sending His blessings in someone like us.

            Ashok Singhal  (International President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad) came here thinking that “Muslim” means “demon.” I told him that there are great saints and great mercy in Islam.

             As you know, people have become rigid and antagonistic. If you have no love, it doesn’t matter how many Namaz you do. The Prophet never said anything that would lead to antagonism. You must say, “What is the Prophet’s hukam?” People have got it quite wrong. It is all based on love.

            Mr. Warsi says, “Since Maharaj went to Deva Sharif, everyone there said they had never seen or heard such a great spiritual figure. Our whole family is yours.”