January 16, 1998 – Spread God’s Love in your family and at work


A group of women who teach nursing at the Indian government’s huge Safdarjung Hospital have come for Maharaj’s darshan. He gives them a wonderful talk:

Everyone wants love. Dharma’s love is to burn our anger. Our thoughts are uncontrolled. We don’t want to be angry, but how to make our thoughts happy?

It’s a matter of our previous karma. We haven’t come just in this lifetime. Perhaps you have been in this field before. The soul never ends. It takes a body as a house and then leaves it and takes another body. God has made this system. As a farmer sows seeds and then harvests the crops, people come and go. 

The Supreme One has given us thoughts and energy for good work. We are always travelling, from dawn to dusk. Sometimes we are angry or greedy. But dharma comes with us, like a mother taking care of her children, 24 hours a day. Unlike earthly parents, He never says we should thank Him. “Just love, and have willingness to serve, for these are with Me and I will supply them fully.” 

If the mother is good, her nature and of course her genes will affect her children. God first chooses a woman to give birth to prophets, to scientists. A mother’s responsibility is very great. She learns management from childhood, from her mother and her elders. She doesn’t need training in management, but she must be taught to control her anger. 

If you have no dharma within you, you will never have peace and love within. We wonder why there is no love in society. It is not a thing that comes from the cosmos. It comes from within. 

We don’t learn in churches, temples or other religious places to turn within, meditate, and control our karma. People bow there but don’t change. Religious places have been built to help us control our untoward impulses. They are built to encourage meditation. The temple and sacred diva are within us. If there is no such light inside, we are dead. 

When you are in samadhi, you see that everything is God. But only one who meditates can see this. The Guru says, “Why go to the jungles to find God? Look within yourself. He is closer than your hands and feet.” When we find Him there, there is great peace and love. We can’t describe that taste. The Vedas left it at “neti, neti (not this, not this),” even though there is so much else written in the Vedas. All scriptures are similarly unable to explain This. 

What is Allah? The Holy Qur’an calls This the Greatest, Unparalleled. All prophets have lovingly explained to us in their own languages. Dharma is that which has been taught to us by all prophets: There is one God; love Him and your karma will change and you will be blessed. Become good human beings.

These days it is very necessary to train children not to fight over religions. They are varying disciplines for lifestyles. The prophets have come bringing the message of God and also disciplines. 

We cannot go to the Place from whence everything has come. But become good wives, mothers, teachers. You’ve got a great responsibility. Dharma says, “Get up in the morning and get ready for the journey by training your mind.  Meditate, read scripture. Then go to your work, always thinking of God.” No one is high or low. His Light is in all. All want love, including animals. Guru Gobind Singh says, “He is in the water, He is in the earth. He is pervading in all Creation, and is endless.”

Take His Love for your families and your work circles, so that it will spread. We wonder why these things do not exist. It is because we have not taken them from God. All day think, “You have given me all these things. Not everyone has them.” You will feel such peace and loss of ego, for it is true. Even if all our pores had tongues, we could not praise Him enough. 

Don’t give to others what you don’t want, such as anger and hatred. If you become good humans, your family will become good. If you are jealous, it is like eating poison. Think, “He is the Master of our bodies, of our universities, of our hospitals.” He exists. Love Him. There is so much love to be taken that it will never end. Just as worldly parents will give so much, so will He. Definitely get up in the morning and say, “May Your will be done.” Become like children, and He will give so much. If you worry instead, these will end. 

Everything in Creation is loving. 

As Maharaj says this, a bird begins singing an extremely lovely song that I have not heard before.

Mother’s milk is so perfect. His concern for us is so great that He made this for us even before our birth.

Love is such that it spreads. May He bless you and make you good humans. We have come into this world bringing kindness and willingness to serve. Wherever there is difficulty, run to it. Share love, share truth, share all good things. Keep your thoughts high. Control your mind. Meditate.

People think that bowing is dharma. This university’s subject is not that. Leave all worries to Him. There are so many creatures in the seas and jungles; they are happier than us. He takes care of us all. Love Him and thank Him for whatever He gives. 

His Merciful Gaze is so powerful, like a Mother. Jesus came from Light, but God chose Mary to give birth to him. Where there is a good woman, that whole place is good, be it home or office. 

You can do so much. May God bless you. God has chosen you to give birth to great people.