January 16, 1998 b – False ideals of martyrdom and opposition 


This morning Maharaj ji was giving a great talk to nursing teachers. This evening he is speaking very powerfully to two high police officials from Punjab who must be facing violence from Sikh separatists:

Dharma has no fight with anyone. It has no connection with cruelty. Anyone who sets bombs and runs away has no connection with dharma. It is a very big mistake to advocate killing people. Those who preached dharma gave up everything. For the sake of dharma, Jesus was crucified, and Guru Gobind Singh gave up his whole life. To advocate killing increases cruelty; it doesn’t end it. 

Training is so wrong. It is not the fault of our young people. They should be taught love. Maharaj has told us very nicely, but we have no proper training. Jesus and Guru Gobind Singh both called God their Father. Guru Gobind Singh’s teaching has hardly spread in Punjab, whereas Jesus’s message has spread throughout the world. Maharaj gave us such a strong example and teaching to strengthen the weak, but now there is only fighting in which there is no truth. When the example is bad, there is no demand for the supply. That is why our religion has not spread. All we are giving is bombing and looting. That has nothing to do with religion. 

Muslims are also fighting against each other, but the Holy Qur’an says that one who stirs people to opposition has no connection with dharma. The Holy Qur’an says that Allah is One, pure and unequalled. It tells people to turn to Allah and He will give you everything. 

The question arises: Who is greater, a martyr or a philosopher? The philosopher or saint has no demand. The martyr has the idea that he will be criticized if he comes back and praised if he is victorious. Muslims are also emphasizing the idea of martyrdom, incorrectly. The idea is wrong. The idea of giving saropas (scarves of honor) to martyrs is wrong. Look how many young men have died. Prophet Muhammad calls Allah a Shahid (martyr), meaning a protector of truth. But we use the word “martyr” loosely, in the case of accidents and such. It is just a drama. These are matters of anger, causing loss. So much destruction has come from this idea of martyrdom.

Guru Nanak said to work hard, share, and uplift the weak, but now there is just quarrelsome opposition. Our children know nothing. Those in positions of authority should speak the words of the Gurus, not their own ideas. 

They were giving amrit at one university. I told them to think of the special circumstances in which Guru Gobind Singh gave amrit. I said, “The Guru was a forgiver. Are you?” If you point out a different idea to the young, they will immediately realize. First prepare the ground. Teach getting up, bathing, and reading scripture. But they give amrit to the unprepared, so it has a bad reputation. 

Guru Gobind Singh said that those who are Khalsa renounce anger, criticism, and looking at anyone else’s spouse. They conquer the five evils within themselves, burn their karmas, oppose cruel oppression, connect people with Nam, and help the weak. Only if you have these virtues can you consider yourself Khalsa. Your gaze should be so pure and holy that wherever it goes, dharma spreads.

It is our duty to not give to others what we don’t like. So why is there anger? People have slipped and finally fallen. There is no high or low in Gurbani. Seats were given to all who were loving and hard working, not rich and powerful. Our scriptures teach us not to fear or to cause anyone to fear. But this is a period of darkness and destruction in the name of religion. 

One of the officials says, “If a person becomes good, he feels alone.” 

Maharaj answers,

A good person will never feel alone. He will know that God is always with him. Goodness always spreads. Evil never does. 

Now there is no respect for the boss, because it is based on respect for character. Never look at the majority; look at quality. A lion is always alone. A bad person has no solid footing. Remain with truth. 

Why do we always speak of Guru Gobind Singh? Because he had such willpower, such truth. Truth will always be victorious. Books are then written about such people.

It is true that you may see clouds all around, but they mean that rain is coming. Always think of the Power of God. Whatever honest hard work you do brings good children into your home. 

Now everyone is afraid and sick, and all their taste for life is gone. People’s bad actions are the enemies of themselves and their families. Maharaj always stood with goodness, never with badness.