April 27, 1996 – Everything will change

            A sad and serious-looking family come to meet Maharaj ji. Today many people have come wanting to discuss the current election, but the results are not yet in, and Maharaj instead speaks all day about spiritual subjects. To this family, he says, in part:

            Injustice has become fashionable, but change will come. Do not worry. Trees drop their leaves and new ones come out. Everything is going to change.

            Always think to give others what you want. Don’t make yourself an authority over others. Try to be a good person.

            Do paath [read scripture] and God will think of you. Whatever God will do or has done or is doing is good. Tomorrow will keep coming. Enjoy it and thank God for whatever happens. Why waste time worrying about it?

            Guru Gobind Singh emphasized that we are here only temporarily, as the guests of God, Who has given us so much. Why are we disheartened? Always think, “We are not worthy of what He has given.”

            Make your life of Nam and paath, and your life and karma will change. Kali Yuga is very hot, and Nam is cooling.

            Those who thank Him are very lucky, as are those in whose minds there is kindness. Always think that whatever He is doing is good. His thought is much loftier than ours.

            He is always ready to talk to you inside. He never becomes disheartened or afraid. Why do you?

            Stay happy, always keep His Name, and see Him everywhere, including inside. Make Him your Friend, your Mother, whatever—He will never leave you.

            We are always travelling. Always live in the Light.

            Enlightenment, love, compassion, and vision are all stored within us.

            He has sent us here to work, and gives us the strength and thoughts to do so.

            Things are created from There where there is only Light.

            Always love God. Never think that anything is yours.

            Never judge anyone. If you do, that means you are proud and egotistical. Nothing is in your control. Everything is in God’s control, so love Him.