16 July 1996 – Miracles keep happening here


The large sugar mill in Simbaoli near Shiv Sadan, to which we had been sending our sugarcane, had been closed until the owner came and took Maharaj’s blessings. Maharaj had told him to read Jaap Sahib and touch it to his forehead. Now that the mill has reopened, his faith is growing. After the mill owner leaves, Maharaj talks to Sunny (Hardeep Singh) and me about what happened:

Miracles keep happening here every day. This man was against us, but he has been healed and now he is going to be telling people about Gobind Sadan. No one is an atheist or a believer. When inner healing comes, he becomes a good person. God Himself creates the faith. We see that when people come here. 

No one is against God; they see the religious figures not practicing what they preach. No person comes here with faith; they grow in faith. Dharma always spreads through people who are fully convinced from inside. 

If you turn your face toward Maharaj, His supply is so great that he will always keep giving to you. Say to Him, “Everything is from You.” His merciful gaze falls on you 24 hours a day.