July 9, 1996: Talk to Him


            James Baldev from Colorado, USA comes to see Maharaj. James says he has read two of our newsletters, and they have touched his heart. Maharaj then proceeds to speak directly to his heart:

            If you love God, then the good things in you will develop, such as love and desire to serve. But if you don’t love God, then your ego, anger, and pride will grow.

                Why were we created? God sent His own self into this world as human beings. He gave us His Love, all His qualities.

                Look at the whole world: Why is there fighting and hatred? Because of ignorance. If we all want love, why is there fighting? If we all want peace, why are there weapons? Because of ego: “I am here, and I am stronger than you.” Who is strong? The one who has truth and love for all others and all Creation. He is the greatest person.

Always in our consciousness He is telling us to stay happy and keep others happy, too. God tied us to three things: love, faith, and service. If you stay with them, you will never be disappointed. God spoke of these three things through all the prophets. They all said one thing about God: He is Love. Take love from Him and spread it to the whole cosmos.

James says, “It would be wonderful. We ourselves must love that way.”

Maharaj tells him,

We don’t need to wait for a majority to do so. These are matters of quality, never of quantity.  When these ideas develop, they will bring such inner healing that a person can share healing with others.

So much is inside a person. That Thing which keeps us going—that is God’s Light within us. We must speak to it, think of it. We are wandering outside but He is sitting inside us. Perhaps we don’t know that He is always waiting for us to talk to Him. We must spare some time to talk to Him.

If there is a guest in your house, you must take time for him. He is such a great Guest, already sitting inside you. He will give you no problem—will give you so much light.

Never think that you are alone. If He leaves, you won’t be able to think or love. Only the body will remain, and not for long.

Talk with Him and make any kind of relationship with Him. Make Him your Mother, Friend, Father, your Life. Make Him anything. There is nothing equal to Him. In happiness or sorrow, He is always there with you.

The relationship between master and pupil is very great. The student will take all the virtues from the teacher, but whatever the teacher says, the student must believe. If he keeps doing so, he will pass the exam. Then all the qualities of the master come in the student. These will come when you are fully his student.

He is such a Master that He doesn’t need a big building, or books, or blackboard. What does He want? What does He give? “Love Me and take love from Me.” The whole ocean is in this.

To become a student is a very great thing. Whosoever has become His student has been very successful. Then His Master said, “Go. My Power from God will work in you—more in you than in Me, because you have fully followed My hukam, and have so loved Me that you have received all the qualities from Me. Now that Light is in you also.”

The Master is sitting in you, giving you training. You have to give your thoughts to Him. Ask Him to fill them with love and to never see anything without seeing Him. The fragrance of flowers, the trees, the mountains—He is there.

It is difficult to become a student, and to take all these qualities by saying, “Yes, sir.” It is good to think of Him as your master. Then you are never discouraged, for the Master never is. Keep loving Him, seeing Him, talking with Him. Understand that He is always with you. He is always blessing. Take His blessings. Keep talking to His Light. Spare some time to do that. Stay happy.

James says, “I think I’m happy, but I’m not sure. I have very good memories. I have to thank God for them.”

Maharaj tells him,

He is Master of all your thoughts. It is good that you are thinking of Him. To think of Him and love Him and have faith in Him is blessed. He will always keep your thoughts clean.

James admits that a personal loss is troubling him. Maharaj says,

God must wonder why you want to be sad about that. You might have thought that God did wrong. He says, “When people remember Me even in problems, they are blessed.” When He gave her, you were happy. Why be sorry when He took her back? The sign of blessing is that you are happy in every circumstance.