July 4, 1996 – Now there is no ibadat, only hatred


            Religious leader Mr. Bashin Ahmad Baba and his son from Kashmir have come to see Maharaj ji. The father tells Maharaj ji that they are from a lineage of pirs, and that his son reads the entire Qur’an. But their beautiful homeland has become a dangerous political battleground.

Maharaj ji tells them about Guru Gobind Singh’s example:

            Guru Gobind Singh shared everything with the people, whether work or enlightened wisdom. People have gone so far from Dharma that they don’t know anything about it. He shared everything to help us change our lives. Your own life is your preaching. Share whatever good you have.

            Religious figures these days are emphasizing symbols, so people have left religion. To see God, you must meditate, recite Nam. First practice before you preach. God is sitting in your breath, your life. Look at the great example set by God’s people.

            We celebrate all prophets’ holy days because at that time God sent a human like us so that when he spoke, we were healed and our minds were transformed.

 When you wake up, and then throughout the day, say, “Oh God, I am not worthy of this. It is all Your grace.”

            Why are we created? To love, to enjoy each other. Why is there hatred?

            This is a very bad period, just as Guru Gobind Singh prophesied. Where did our character go? Everyone is wasting their energy on retaliation. These things are so dangerous. Everyone is ready to attack, instead of sitting together lovingly. Day by day this is increasing, and people think this is advancement. Advancement occurs when love, truth, and desire to serve increase. Now people have no control over their bodies or their thoughts. Guru Gobind Singh wrote about this period as if he were sitting here now, watching the people. But never mind. Whenever things get so bad, the fire so great, relief will surely come.

            People need love for each other and for their country. If people think first of how to be powerful themselves, nothing will come out well.

 When a person commits a crime, his mind will not be clear any longer. He will not be ready to hear truth. At any time, lava can erupt.

            People have abandoned worship and love. But the Prophet Muhammad said to worship Allah Who has created humans so beautiful, Whose Light is everywhere, Who has created life and sustenance for all. Now people are far from blessing; they are nervous because they are far from ibadat (devotion, worship). He is greater than all. Take what He is offering. He keeps giving but people don’t take. Now there is no ibadat, only hatred.

            After this, they tell Maharaj ji about their worldly problems, and He kindly helps them.