July 3, 1996 – People are empty-minded


            Jasmine is in full bloom in Gobind Sadan’s gardens, and many people have lovingly made bracelets of the fragrant flowers to give to Maharaj ji. He now has three of them resting on the arm of his sofa and three more hung on the pictures of Guru Gobind Singh, Jesus, and Baba Siri Chand in his sitting room.

Babli Kalha, part of an illustrious family that has long been very devoted to Maharaj ji and whose farmhouse adjoins Gobind Sadan’s land, has brought her brother, a wealthy businessman, for Maharaj’s darshan. Surrounded by the scent of jasmine, Maharaj says to him,

Whenever you have a clear mind, you will progress. But people are empty-minded. If you are concerned about law and order, you should study which policies have worked or failed in other countries. Dharma is our base, but thinking of how to help others is very rare now. You could ask God, “You are the Master of the mind. Why have You given high posts to the empty-minded? You have such a huge supply.” Ask God, “Give them all high thoughts.”

 If you have no goods—or if you are just worried and nervous, how can you create peace? If a person is happy, it is because he understands that God is doing everything. Otherwise, going to a Gurdwara is of no use.

Guru Nanak never tried to make Muslims or Brahmins Sikhs. He asked, “What is a real Muslim or pandit?” He said, “It is very difficult to be a Muslim.” In saying this, he was giving high praise to Islam. Guru Nanak said, “I bow before that pandit who has control over his mind, and who cleans his mind with the Name of Ram.”

Gradually, what you like will colour your life. Turn your thinking toward God. Always think that what you desire, others also desire, such as love. Aim to become a good a human being. But people don’t ask how to uplift dharma. Rather, they ask how to raise their own position.

I feel that people are not bad. Rather, they don’t know anything. The time has come that no one is dharmic. They must look beyond the priests. Take time to slowly teach them what dharma says. A person sees that his parents, priests, and managers are all nervous. A person needs to come close to true dharma, not to his own thoughts.

Understand that God is forgiving and will forgive your past mistakes if you come to Him in love. People are like children. They don’t even know they are making mistakes. But people do have dharma inside them.