December 12, 1997 – Anger is the door to hell

A public official who has come to Maharaj ji is upset about something. Maharaj says to him, 

Without the Guru’s Merciful Gaze (Nazar), karma cannot be changed. Understand that as a miracle. It is also a miracle if a person receives inner peace and stops feeling enmity.

One wonders why people do bad deeds. They don’t know they are drinking poison. They like anger and crime, for they don’t know their effects. If they knew, they would surely leave them. 

There is a Great Controller, but people can’t see Him and He doesn’t speak with everyone. He is always merciful and doesn’t focus on our bad qualities. This is a powerful  practical reality, not a theory : He forgives our mistakes, and whatever He decrees, that happens. It is our bad luck in our country that although we read books, this understanding comes only through enlightenment. 

When people’s minds are not okay, the whole society and environment will be bad. Lord Krishna said that anger is the door to hell. Guru Gobind Singh said that the Khalsa renounce anger. With anger, there is no consciousness. The powers of anger and of love clash. The greatest thing is to control anger. Who can rise above anger? One who meets the saint’s touchstone. It turns iron into gold.