December 8, 1997 – Focus your mind with meditation


Keith Byron from the United States has come, in the process of travelling to various holy places in India. He asks Maharaj ji, “Shall I travel or meditate?” Maharaj tells him, 

You can do both, but meditation is essential. Those places are special because people have meditated there. 

Keith replies, “I feel I have to leave home and travel in order to meditate.” 

Maharaj says, 

Reduce your work load if necessary. Don’t leave your work. In your life, the result of leaving your work will not be good. You must do your duty and also meditate. There is a very strong feeling in your sometimes that “I must leave everything and meditate,” but it is good to do both. 

Keith says, “I need a new focus for my service in my life.”

Maharaj tells him,

There are so many paths of serving: helping the weak, helping the sick, teaching. There are many methods. Now you are to decide what you want to do.

Keith says, “I appreciate the peacefulness of Gobind Sadan and the opportunity to stay here. 

Maharaj says,

No problem. Stay as long as you want. It has been made for meditation.

Keith observes, “Meditation is very peaceful and blissful here.

Maharaj says,

It will surely be so. And meditation is necessary for you. It will have a very good impact on your mind, just as Mary works and meditates.

 It is also great seva to give good ideas to people. When that goes into their minds, it is a great service. With meditation, you like whatever work you are doing.

 To begin with, concentrating your mind is most necessary. So much is hidden in it, like an ocean of oceans. When a person worships or prays, his mind can still be scattered. It is like a machine that is of no value if the parts are scattered all about. Just so, if the thoughts are scattered, they are worthless. But a scientist concentrates his mind and changes everything, creating something that gives comfort and pleasure to people.

This is not only your question. Everyone needs to meditate. Unless we focus our mind, we cannot achieve anything.