November 17, 1997 – Wait for goodness to return


Zhenya Lugov has brought a group of Russians to meet Maharaj ji. Since Russians are always concerned about their country, Maharaj immediately starts giving advice to benefit their whole nation:

Here we emphasize work as well as religion—work and share with others. Even if a person has a career, that is not separate from religion. In one’s career, one can try not to hurt others, to work honestly. 

If everyone feels that what they are working for will belong to them, it will help the country. Wherever there is less pressure, that country is more progressive, for people will devote all their energies to the work. When you do this, your country will become very wealthy. Factory people may demand a bonus, but that bonus is all that will progress. 

We believe in God because [with closeness to Him] our inner will is strengthened, to be kind and loving. It will take a bit of time, but I’m sure you will be successful. So think about that, for best results. Sit in that machinery that has good seats, It is time to enter reality rather than flying in the air. 

One of the women in the group greets Maharaj on behalf of an institute of space research and tells him they are trying to save the environment. He tells her, You first become strong. Then you can help others and the environment.

She replies, “We are doing just what you have been talking about—cleaning ourselves first, etc.”

Maharaj says,

Nature already exists. But wherever humans go, Nature is spoiled. You can find a cure for every disease, but the cure for mental disease is only with God.

As we speak, the waves of our speech are traveling everywhere. Unless our thoughts are controlled, they will spoil the environment. Only peace, love, and compassion are wanted. If you have those, they will speak for themselves. The most poisonous thing is human thought. The best result of our meeting is to make your critical thoughts loving. 

The guest persists, “We are doing that: speaking of love.”

Maharaj responds,

That’s good, but take love from God. May God give you more love, for there is a great need for love today.

A man in the group says, “There are many wars in the world. How can we make the military leaders understand that war is not necessary?” 

Maharaj answers,

Those people who are making wars are also humans. When you take healing from God—when the majority do so—then darkness will automatically flee. They will get tired of the bad actions, for what is bad is not long-lived. 

Hold the candle of our goal carefully, steadily, in such a way that the flame doesn’t go out. Keep going. When they see the light and love, they will give up their dark ways. 

The guest asks, “So is this badness necessary?”

Maharaj replies,

After badness, goodness always comes. Perhaps it may be a test of your love. But wait for the time when the bad will stop and good will come. Waiting is hard but its result is sweet.