November 13, 1997 – The miracle of Jesus’ well


            Gobind Sadan’s land is very dry, desert-like. The only way we can grow things here is with the help of water from deep tubewells. The water table is hundreds of feet deep, and dropping lower all the time. By the grace of God, Maharaj ji has the visionary ability to see where water is lying deep underground—where it runs as hidden rivers, and where it forms pools that can be tapped by drilling tubewells. He has used this ability to identify places around Gobind Sadan where we can find water. Otherwise, the expensive process of drilling deep wells may not hit water at all.

            One of the best places to drill, Maharaj told us, is behind the place where he saw Jesus standing. He showed us the exact spot to drill. He says the water comes from mountain snows and is lying between two boulders in the midst of “blue stone,” a type of geological formation which yields especially pure water.

            A few days ago, the well drillers began drilling where Maharaj ji instructed. They hit a huge flood of water at 260 feet. There was such tremendous pressure from the water that the drill could go no deeper. By contrast, in nearby areas, no water can be found, even by drilling much deeper. The well drillers tried to drill deeper, as we had originally requested. But even though they tried for two hours to go deeper, they could not make any further progress. Maharaj sees that there is a large rock below which is loose, not fixed, and it is acting like a lid that slips around when the drill bit hits it.

            Having given up the attempt to go deeper, the well drillers finished the casing and lowered a motor and pipes to the bottom of the well. When the water came gushing out, our driver Shami took two handfuls and rubbed it on his face. At once, his blocked sinuses, which had felt like they were on fire, were healed. Now he is totally free of that sinus pain and is also feeling great peace.

            The well drillers are marveling. Such abundance of water is never seen in this dry area, and the water is very sweet and soft.

            Maharaj uses the tubewell as a metaphor for the presence of God. He tells a group gathered at Jesus’ Place, “God is everywhere, in every person, but He is more present in some—just as there is more water here– and less present in others.” Then, being ever practical, Maharaj sends the people all to pick stones out of the former buffalo yard where he had seen Jesus, which will now be turned into a park with the help of water from Jesus’ wonderful well.