November 12, 1997 – God brings Light into the darkness


Valentin Sidorov from Russia, leader of International Association for Peace through Culture, is back again. He reminds Maharaj ji that he has agreed to give him a report of what is going on in his group each time he comes. Their delegation is here in Delhi for 5 days and he hopes to bring some of the other members to meet Maharaj ji. 

Maharaj ji advises him,

For the sake of good health and progress, everyone needs to love God and work hard. For a long time there was pressure on your brains. Now you should focus all your power, directing it toward progress and meditation. Stop asking what they are doing. Look at what you are doing. 

Love and truth are very solid and clear. Quality is never in the majority, but truth, love, and willingness to serve are so great that the majority will one day accept those qualities. 

This journey is difficult. But if you look with love, it is not so hard. The greatest thing is that we must believe that behind the Creation is some Power, the Creator. If you keep faith in That, you will get great strength. That Power has neither ego nor fear. If we do anything—work, meditate, love God—that power is His. But His greatest quality is that He appreciates us when we do something. 

If we look carefully, there are many weaknesses in us. His Merciful Gaze can clear all those. He gives us love, compassion, and energy to work, but He does not want anything from us. At the end, He only says, “Be happy.” This is the difference between Him and us. If we do something for others—love them, serve them—we will surely want something from them in return. We want Him to thank us, but God says, “This is ego. I have never asked you to thank Me for what I have done. I have given you everything free, with no demands. I gave you love, the power of clear vision, thoughts of service. What I give to you freely, you should give freely.”

When a person moves toward God, He doesn’t feel any difficulty because he knows God is very powerful and will remove all the difficulties. You want that there should be love in your country, progress, and understanding of each other. It is not difficult. Don’t become discouraged. He is very powerful. There is so much Light and Love with Him. He gives so much, and even then it is just like a sip of water from a river. He is so loving, and we go to Him with very little love. Even so, after seeing our little bit o love, He gives us so much love that we are wonderstruck. 

What is God? He is Light amidst the darkness. He will help and guide us everywhere. He will give us love, energy, and willpower to work. God’s role is to help uplift the whole country. But first we must make up our minds whether God exists or not. When our thoughts agree that He is, then healing will come in our thoughts, actions, thinking, and seeing. But first you will have to agree that He is very loving, compassionate, kind, and forgiving. When our mind believes, then that effect will fall on our environment. If we think that it cannot be okay, what will happen? God is very great, but He will feel a little disappointed—How has this person thought that He is so weak? We must understand that He can do everything. We have to admit that we will have to take love from Him and give it to others.

I have firm faith that your country will be very religious one day. This came in vision when I was a child. If people will understand, they will become all right. When electricity is off, all the rooms are dark. When the electricity is turned on, one wonders where the darkness has gone. Darkness is misunderstanding and ignorance. When one understands, wisdom will come, and the Light will work powerfully. 

God Himself clears the mind, gives Light and the power to work. We just need to think a bit and start working. As a mother worries for her child more than the child worries about himself, think of yourself as a little child. He will take you in His lap. We cannot imagine how much love He will give us. 

There is no need to worry about today’s environment. He has made it and He will remove it. When anyone speaks with His love for society and has good thoughts for everyone, God becomes very happy.