November 8, 1997 – Blessing old women

            A devotee’s old grandmother comes slowly to Maharaj to beg his help with Nam, which she says has stopped. He puts his hand on her head and says, “From today it will start again.” She doesn’t read, but he tells her to put Jaap Sahib in a high place in her room, along with a big photo of Guru Nanak, and to daily press Jaap Sahib to her forehead. He says if she does this, her family will also benefit. Maharaj also tells her to take jaal (blessed water) from the statue of Baba Siri Chand. He is so gentle with her, as he often is with respectful old women.

            Another old woman comes for blessing Maharaj says to her son,

            No matter how much seva you do for her, still it will not be enough. Mothers have done so much for their children.