November 5, 1997 – Educating people about Dasam Granth


Maharaj is planning a major academic conference to discuss Dasam Granth, which is said to consist totally of the writings of Guru Gobind Singh. Some skeptics doubt the authenticity of some parts, apparently since they don’t appreciate their content. They speculate that someone other than the Guru wrote them. Maharaj is therefore calling top scholars to study and debate the Dasam Granth. Today he has called his staff to his garden to tell them to prepare a tea party for the international press before the conference starts, to help orient them. He says,

 We want these good things to go out to the whole world. We have chosen to explore and spread Dasam Granth because it is universal. There is nothing in it about any one religion. For instance, Lord Krishna and Lord Ram are both in it. It is not about any one prophet. It describes what has happened in each yuga, and what will happen in Kali Yuga. It also tells what dharma has said about science. 

Our only goal is to clear minds about those things over which there have been clashes. In our previous seminars, great scholars clarified the relationship between Guru Nanak and his son, Baba Siri Chand. What will happen in this conference, only God knows. But a good time has come for this. 

The prophets brought God’s message, whereas religious managements looked to see how they could create organizations. The prophets and religious managers will never get together.

 These physical eyes sometimes need operations, but That Eye is ever so clear! The most miserable person is one who has no wisdom but pretends that he does. Why are there fights among religious authorities today? Only money—what else?

There is an ocean of jewels in Dasam Granth. If you pick up even one, you will be amazed by the Guru’s enlightened wisdom—that which you didn’t notice in your entire life. 

I think our lecturers and kirtan singers are all telling us wrong things. They have held Gurbani (Sikh scriptures) so tightly. Popes and other religious figures all speak, but the true glitter of the Spirit is not there. 

The One whom we follow is the Master of all things. If you follow any other, your mind will wobble. These days people have stooped so low—including squabbling scholars. People have misunderstood the words of the prophets. People’s personality is small-minded; God is great-minded.