March 29, 1997 – Not too late for marriage


                The former manager of a major bank has brought his friend to meet Maharaj, because he is in despair that his daughter has not yet been married. She is 27 years old and the friend is very worried. Maharaj advises him,

                Union of two people in marriage is according to their past lives. We should know what is marriage, what is karma, and what is our nature. Otherwise we will not move out of the darkness. Karma is created by thoughts as well as by actions.

                Read Jaap Sahib. Stop worrying about your daughter. She will make a very good marriage. Before now, it would not have worked. The time has come now. God takes care of all our life. We are HIs children. You are free from now on. He will take care of her. By your friend’s speaking with faith and your coming with faith, karma has been changed. Without the Merciful Gaze of the Guru (Nazar), karma cannot be changed. And to receive that Nazar, you must worship with love. Believe in that puja (worship) which is done with love, not as a ritual. Where there is no love, puja cannot bear fruit.

                If while doing puja you think that something wonderful is happening, it will. Otherwise you can read and read, but nothing will happen.

                Where a person meditates and worships, miracles happen automatically to those who come with hope. An aura of miracles occurs naturally there. Miracles are His nature.

                You have come here with self-interest, to get a match for your daughter, but you are also getting more spiritual. We are all one family. You are also His child. Every person comes in self-interest, but becomes dharmic. Even wanting to meditate is a matter of self-interest, but it is a good one. So is wanting to get rid of fear or anger. From then on, one starts becoming a good person.

                Make a habit of getting up in the morning, bathing, and sitting in samadhi. With good habits, a person becomes good. Likewise, with bad habits a person becomes bad. One person hurts others; another sees that cruelty and can’t tolerate it. Both are habits.

                One person says, “I’m not a Christian but hearing about Jesus brings me peace.” There is a great effect of love on him; he is blessed. But one does not need to be a Christian in order to be blessed by Jesus. He is the Remover of difficulties.

                The time is fixed. The angel appeared to the Prophet Muhammad when he was 40 years old. So read Jaap Sahib, praises of God who has no colour and no form, and marriage will occur by itself.

                Dharma is an ocean within which all religions are contained. Sectarian religions are different disciplines. One says to do 5 Namaz; another says to read 5 daily prayers. But where all religions end, dharma manifests: “Do not forget Him for a single breath.” Keep reading His praises–that is dharma. Closed sectarian discipline says to look toward Mecca when praying, but dharma knows that God is in the whole cosmos. Sectarian religion is bondage; dharma means being free.