April 1, 1997 – Re-educating atheists


                Gerald Shagedanov, Maharaj’s faithful Russian sevadar, has brought some associates from his airplane company to meet his Guru. From Maharaj’s approach, we can guess that they are probably atheists, conditioned by years of atheist communist education. After greeting them warmly, Maharaj begins by talking about karma:

                Indian religions say that human beings’ karma is always going in a cycle. In this amazing cycle, a time comes in a person’s life when he recognizes the Great Power behind the whole creation. Then he prays to that Power, “Please bless this bad period and bring a good time.”

                We believe 100% that God is kind and merciful and that He will free us from pressure. We believe that our bad karma can be changed. A person may have faith in someone or be working in a business with someone. If he becomes discouraged he may go to his boss or someone else he deals with. That person tells him not to be afraid. With that person’s few words, all his worry is ended. If you meditate, focusing on the Guru, understand that this is like making him your boss. Just as we at once hold a meeting if there is any difficulty in a business, a religious person immediately prays for help.

                Sometimes the Great Power makes things happen by His Word. A person chosen as a prophet is instructed to speak on His behalf, not from himself. The one who speaks is amazed and so is the person who listens: “How could he see that?” Then what happens? The one who speaks grows in faith. The one with no faith becomes double-minded. Then slowly he also moves toward God.  The one who is a prophet says, “I am a human like you. Give Him your love.”

                Let me tell you a story. We went to Russia (in 1989). When we went there, a vision came (about the future of the Soviet Union). I wondered whether to tell of it openly or not. We went to Tashkent, Samarkand, Leningrad. Then we came back to Moscow and they asked me to speak on national TV. So what I had seen in vision, I told on television. I tried to speak briefly, because I knew that people there did not want to listen to the name of God. But the television director was very bright. He understood, so he asked me to speak at length: “Tell us whatever you have seen.” It was a problem for him, because my statements were very strong. If you check the tape, I think 100% of what I foretold for Russia has come true. Those things started happening. I said, “It is not my thinking. I am just giving the message.”

                There is 100% effect on my mind that there is a Power which runs everything. It runs us and makes everything move. Why am I saying this to you? Whatever that Power says all comes true. I feel we all move by the choice of That Power–people, animals, mountains. It is a sure thing that That Power is in you as well as in me. It is in all people.

                Our subject is different, but there is no difference in the Power. One person studies to be an engineer or scientist. He has to do research. Whatever I tell you I have experienced in my life, what has come in vision. My goal is not that you should praise me, but that you and all countries should be happy and love that Power that gives happiness. As a child plays with a toy and is very happy with it, and wants to show the other kids, I only want to show you what makes me happy and take you to the Store from which I got it.

                It is not that it is mine. It is God’s, but it is hidden in everyone.. A person can only speak about his own subject. I don’t speak about yours, and when you came here, I keep speaking about my subject.

                Love, truth, compassion, and the spirit of service are within us. Crime, hatred, and anger are also within people. If we take love within, hatred is pushed out. If you take Light inside, darkness disappears by itself.

                I think you may have some questions you would like to ask in love, for there is love inside you.

                One of the Russian visitors speaks up: “Can you advise me about a situation from my life that happened about a month  ago? I was in my city at the railway station with a friend whom I was to see off. A woman whom we didn’t know approached us. She said that within 2 or 3 weeks health problems would come to us. She was telling real things about us. She left and we  were disturbed. It was very unusual and we worried about what would happen. We went to a person with a strong aura who says he improved our biological resistance. Nothing happened.”

                Maharaj says,

                We have to believe that blessings remove difficulties–that they are finished with blessings. There is no doubt about this: Things that are to come can be removed. Your faith is a great thing. It is not your idea. This is a principle of religion. Some of the things that she said will not happen. She was just speaking. But also keep in mind that certain things that were to happen can be averted. Just relax. Nothing will happen.

                The guest says, “I wasn’t tense about this. I just wondered how it could be so.”

                Maharaj replies, “One whose mind is out of control may speak like this without any direction.”

                The guest then asks, “How to learn how to concentrate and control the mind?”

                Maharaj asks him, “Do you have spiritual love for someone, such as a prophet or incarnation of that Power?”

                The guest replies, “I believe that there is some Power but that it is formless.”

                Maharaj observes, “But prophets have come, meditated, and told us that this Power exists.”

                The guest says, “I have a cat, and when I have problems, she comforts me and takes them away, more than people.”

                Maharaj remarks, “At least you have something in front of you: That Spirit is in the cat. It is good that you are seeing Him in the cat. In whatever form we see Him, we love that. He is cats, in dogs.

                There is a story of the great saint Nam Dev. He was making chapatis (unleavened flat bread rounds). He had put butter on them, but the dog took the chapati before he could eat it. He said, “What else do You want? You have come in such a lovely form, with such a lovely tail. Why do You go outside  this house where they might stone You?”

                It is good that you have faith in the cat. God is in the cat also. God will keep healing you, and He can do that through the cat. But also turn inside. There is an inner Cat too. That inner Cat will never die. Turn inside. It will benefit you.

                This man being fully satisfied with Maharaj’s wonderful answer, another of the Russian businessmen asks, “In many countries, including Russia, there are many changes in society. Now there are rich and poor. Now people who were  once friends are falling out of friendship; there is jealousy between them. How to avoid this jealousy and help people to have normal understanding?”

                Maharaj replies,

                Our minds and plans are different. The one with good plans will definitely become more wealthy. For peace, if one has good ideas people must take those for progress. If a person goes along well, understand that this progress benefits the country and the people. It must be repeated that one person may become wealthy by hurting others, another by hard work. Love. If people rebel, explain this to them If they resent progress: It is for the benefit of all.

                People can never be equal. Minds are different. One has not developed his ideas, another has developed his ideas to the skies. There is a great difference. One just talks in the air. But God blesses all. Any country that tries to treat all as equal, whether they work or not, will never succeed.  

                Wait for that time when all will be okay.

                The  guest asks, “What is Maharaj’s vision? Will there be something in the coming year that will give us stability?”

                Maharaj answers,

                Religion  will greatly increase in your country. I have seen this about Russia since my childhood. What was there [atheist communism] will not come back again in your country. Its period will not come. Don’t wait for that. You work, and people will become progressive.

                People are allergic to somebody who speaks of big things. But slowly they will bow to it. The gate is opening, and people are all rushing through. They don’t know which way to go.

                The guest says, “I see it as a dam that has burst, and what was once a river has spread all over the fields. Now people are trying to dig channels to collect it.”

                Maharaj assures him, “It will take time, but it will be good.”