April 3, 1997 – The time is already written


                A public official from Himachal Pradesh comes in to see Maharaj, worrying that he will lose his position before he retires on April 20, because the government is suddenly changing. Maharaj says to him,

                That’s a long way off. In the blink of an eye, God can change everything.

                It is God’s principle that if one commits injustice, that will also come to him. The same is true if he does justice.

                Kali Yuga won’t last long. It is the best of Ages because the fruit of one’s actions is so quickly realized. No force is needed, only love. But so few are loving. God is sitting free since so few love Him. Love immediately gets His attention.

                Don’t worry. He has answered your desires since you were in your mother’s womb. But only He knows what to give you, when. He is not in a hurry. He will give you that which you deserve. He knows what to do.

                Do paath [read scripture], meditate. What can a person do? Victory and result are with God. All supply is with Him. Scripture says, “Don’t worry–worry is His. In the seas there are no shops, but still He provides sustenance for the creatures there.” A whale can only eat tiny fish. This is God’s system. One would think a whales would eat huge fish, but his throat is very small.

                The time of your last breath is already written. You can’t change that back or forward. He knows when we are to come and go.