June 30, 1996 – Why are we always worried?


            A wealthy woman from the United States comes to Maharaj, anxious about her health and other problems in her life. He gives her wonderful advice:

            Being rich or poor is not a matter of material wealth. If your thought is strong, you are rich. If you have money, you can consider how to help others. A rich person may be worried about the tax collector, the poor person because he has no work. Neither is happy.

            Meditate. Do not be attached to anything. These material things are for us to play with. But keep your appreciation of food, your awareness of choice, your enjoyment. These will end if you worry, and your lifespan will be shortened.

            Life moves ahead with hope, but don’t be attached to things or you will be worried and your negative thoughts will be strengthened.

            People have no faith in themselves, in God, in society, in their office. They keep worrying, “What will happen?” For lakhs of years people have been coming and going. This is the system. But people worry about their children pointlessly, generation after generation.

            Tomorrow will always come. Play nicely and thank God.

            Thousands of accidents happen to one who keeps worrying, “What will happen?” He doesn’t know that whatever God does is good. If you know that, your thoughts will always be clear. But instead, your thoughts are under pressure, to no avail.

            Dharma teaches to control your thoughts, and thus clean your karma. Thus you will be victorious. If your thought is clear, you see goodness everywhere, and no one is your enemy.

            The Khalsa is one who conquers the five evils: lust, anger, greed, attachment, and  ego. When your mind is clear, you can be called a good human being, but that is difficult.

            Krishna said to Arjuna, “Do not worry about your relatives—they are not everlasting. I want to take you to the fourth state of mind where there is only Light.” When the soul’s light manifests, you will see, as Guru Gobind Singh did, that His Light is everywhere.  Light is within everyone. God has provided Light and sustenance to everything—trees, mountains, animals, oceans.

            Guru Nanak said, “Rise early and thank the One who gives you all sustenance and power.” The Creator of the whole cosmos is sitting within you. Meditate and discover everything within you—vision, light. Drink that nectar.