28 June B, 1996 – God is already One, and is within you


            Many Russians and Ukrainians who are visiting Gobind Sadan are blessed to have an audience with Maharaj ji. He gives them a strong message to carry home:

            In the whole world, there is no love—only hatred—because our thoughts are not under our control. In all the countries, no one has spiritual vision. What has been written from inspiration has not come from plans and meetings; it is what He has said. If we ask everyone in the world what is the basis of religion, it will be this: One God, One Love, One Truth.

            Throughout the world, we all have the same problem: We don’t know why the prophet came for us. Instead, we sit inside our boundaries. Sometimes there is a wave of efforts to bring unity and peace among religions, to clean the air, to clean the environment. But God is already One, Truth is already One, if we just get aside.

            Therefore my feeling is that it is not just factories that are polluting the air. A person speaks and poison spreads in the air. The voice of crime, of anger makes a poisonous wave spread. To clean our countries, to develop love and brotherhood, we must first clean our thoughts.

            The important thing is how to change? Not through big meetings with good food. Jesus just met people along the way and they were changed. Look how many great hotels and plans are engaged in the pursuit of religious harmony. You may speak about God for thousands of years, but the essential thing is that God’s Light, Love, and selfless service is within you—and so is God.

 I think you have the three most beautiful things—God’s Love, selfless service, and Truth–within yourselves. Cherish them in yourself and give them to others. Understand everyone you meet as fellow human beings. Help them and serve them.