28 June, 1996 – “Why is my life so difficult?”

28 June, 1996 – “Why is my life so difficult?”

            A woman with many complaints has come to Maharaj asking why her life is so difficult. He explains to her:

            Your bad luck is that you see only this life and wonder why these things happen to you. Know that gold must be melted in order to make fine jewelry.

            It is all a drama. Light that Light inside you. Think of Him. If you want to see real difficulties, look at the lives of the prophets. But the lover of God feels no difficulties. They  crucified Jesus for saying that God is His Father, but He remained without rancour. He prayed, “Forgive them. They know not what they do. If You choose, seat them in your kingdom before me.” Love is such.

            The thing to do is to change your karma. If you don’t get up in the morning to meditate, your car will keep slipping on the ice. You must break the ice with meditation. You don’t know how many people you have hurt in the previous life. To change your karma, read holy scripture, recite Nam, look at those whose actions are good, don’t look at priests who charge for praying. Look at Baba Deep Singh, look at Bhai Mani Singh, look at Jesus’ forgiveness on the cross.

            Despite hearing such words, the woman keeps begging Maharaj to fix her problems. He patiently and humorously blesses her. She leaves at last. Maharaj remarks,

            People leave God because they look at humans. If one looks at God one will never leave Him. God has hidden things that only the dervish can see. Whatever you do, you are doomed to repeat.

 So always keep your mind clean and know that God never makes mistakes. Guru Gobind Singh has written in Dasam Granth that things would be very bad in Kali Yuga. But even if things are bad, times will change. To extinguish the darkness, recite Nam.