June 25, 1996 – Empowering guidance for All-India Sikh Students Federation


            Maharaj is always ready to give guidance and support to groups who are trying to help people and bring forth dharma in society. Today a large group of young Sikh men have come to take Maharaj ji’s blessings and guidance for their programme: All-India Sikh Students Federation. Maharaj gives them a long audience, including these points:

Why are the young Sikhs disillusioned? Because Sikh dharma has not spread. Always speak of what the Gurus have taught and what Sikh dharma is. Take this from village to village, without emotionality.

Now all people are ready to believe in Guru Granth Sahib and Guru Gobind Singh, but management is involved in caste issues, criticism, and clashes.

In Christian schools children are taught about Jesus and his apostles. Ours is a universal religion. Our Gurus sacrificed so that everyone would be free to raise their voices and ideals high. They were concerned for the sake of uplifting others. They did nothing for themselves. They shared and distributed everything.  They made no boundaries. They said, as Guru Gobind Singh did, “Let all humanity be recognized as one human race.”  

If we don’t say these things, our children will be in great trouble. In villages they know nothing of the Panj Piare (Five Beloved ones of Guru Gobind Singh—the first Khalsa) because we haven’t preached. In every house there are drugs, and Gurbani has been forgotten. They say, “Who are you to call me a thief?” and they draw a sword.

As the Guru said to the king, “It is your duty to go on the path of truth and justice.” Don’t use anyone’s name for personal profit. Speak of history and Gurbani and feel that the Guru is with you.

The students speak of their difficulties in going to the villages, especially with the older power-holders who don’t recognize them. Maharaj says,

If you tell them, “Be a martyr,” there will be a great wave. Instead, say this: “We have never had a programme to beat or kill anyone, to put pressure on anyone. Our Gurbani teaches us this. That drama is all propaganda. You can see the proof in us, in our lives. We are just speaking of dharma, doing hard work, for we are believers in dharma. We are not here to buy anyone, but to follow the Guru’s hukam. We are youth—why should we not spread dharma? Why not help the weak? We don’t help by killing but by loving. We are showing paath (reading of scripture), meditation.”

If you say such things, cooling will come immediately. You can point out: “Now no sister has a brother. Others have left villages, Punjab, the Gurus. We are not saying anything to benefit ourselves or our families. Look at our lifestyles, and then decide about us. You decide: Do you need young men or not?

Tell the newspapers. Look at everything, including our elections, and then write. Say, “We are everyone’s friends. We want to be a family and love as family. We are not writing to take revenge against anyone.” Just watch: All the villages will stand up.

Why is there no Sikhism? Because there is no preaching. Say, “We want to follow the Gurus.” Then great love will spread. Don’t fear or cause fear in anyone. Create the ground and avoid those who incite opposition. They have no time for speaking of dharma.

The young Sikhs say, “We have a problem of rival organizations. If you come and speak, they will believe.”

Maharaj tells them,

Don’t look for a majority. Truth is never in the majority. Seek truth, seek quality. It is not essential that everyone should unite, because they won’t. Sprout yourselves. Go to the villages as examples—5 to 7 of you. Don’t be afraid. Look at Abraham Lincoln. He was alone, with no food. Slowly, slowly he became concerned about the black slaves. He stood up and spoke, and was elected. Eventually he became the President of the country where they outlawed slavery. Guru Gobind Singh had Five people.

In India, youth are failing because they have become worldly and wealthy. You must develop virtue and character instead. Speak of Guru Gobind Singh’s teachings which are not against any religion. Take Him with you. Stand up with great inner strength. Opposition will continue. Don’t mind.

Some time will be needed to gather all the youth. Give people your personal example and Sikh history. Go to villages and sarpanches (leaders of village committees). Encourage them to do as the Gurus did, to sacrifice for the people. Rise above talk of political parties. Say, “We want truth to rise and everyone to become good.” Don’t speak of parties. Your actions will speak. When you are interviews, tell about the Gurus’ teachings. Say, “We are trying to be brothers and sisters.” People are ready. They are so good at heart.

Don’t think you need to buy this or that, such as a bus for transportation. Rise above that. The village people themselves will help you. They are very good people.

Then you will be successful. Guru Gobind Singh never lets anyone down. We just sit here in the midst of the storm, and everyone is taking Jaap Sahib, and it is spreading. “God is always very close to His servant.”