August 8, 1996 – A bad time for Russia


            Through vision, Maharaj ji is aware of what is happening around the world, now and in the future, and will give wise advice if asked. Today Gerald from Russia has come to take Maharaj’s guidance before he returns to Russia.  Maharaj immediately says to him, “The hukam (what he sees in vision) is not good for your country. President Yeltsin has no control. War will spread.”

            Gerald: “There is lots of crime and corruption in the government. Everything bad in the world is concentrated in our country.”

            Maharaj: It’s a very bad time for Russia.

            Gerald: “Suddenly normal people have become crazy.”

            Maharaj says,

 The hukam is like that. Everyone is afraid, nervous, angry, looting. Nothing is good there. No one is going to be stable. But something good will come of it. To create goodness, the creation of evil always has to come first.

Gerald: “To understand what is good, you must know what is bad. Use of force is no good.”

Maharaj says,

Correct. If force is used, there will be rebellion. There are two ways: One is to hit people, the other is to bless people. If blessed, they will respond with love.

Gerald: “These days people in Russia are not believing anything. We show them Maharaj’s message and they say, ‘We have seen thousands of people giving such messages.’”


It’s not a matter of theory. The same is true here: Without meeting me, people also don’t believe it.

Then they speak of the future of Pravda, the old Communist Party newspaper that is to be closed down by the Greek firm that now owns it and will replace it with a different newspaper. He asks, “What will be the future of the old Pravda?” Maharaj advises,

They should find a way to get around this. They have their ideas and shouldn’t abandon them. They should start small. People will help to finance them, for they have good ideas. They should not worry—no one will stop them. Their ideas are very good, peaceful. They are very intelligent. They should not be discouraged, for they will be successful.

There are two things: how to write about what is wrong, and how to find a way to explain to people that they are blind. They should not only point out faults; they should include what the government is doing right. They should not directly attack the government at this time. They should be aware that someone who has gained power by hook or by crook is sitting on top. They should control their emotions and delay a bit. At present the atmosphere is such that they will not gain by confrontation. They should slowly help people to become double-minded. This is itself is a great victory. They are thinking with anger now. They will have to put brakes on that, to stop for the red light. They are not prepared to stop even for a red light. But explain to them with love. Explain to them to make their goal strong, but don’t spoil it by torturing people with anger. They should plan how to move slowly toward their goal. With anger, your mind becomes weak.

After more discussion of current issues, Maharaj places his hand on Gerald’s forehead, giving him the fullest of blessings, and says to him,

You will receive great peace and happiness. The time of happiness is coming for you from now on. Your love will become a blessing. Light has immediately touched you. You have been blessed today. You will feel it from now on, inside yourself.