August 11, 1996 – Everything depends on inner courage


                Representatives of farmers’ groups have come to Maharaj for his support and guidance in their cause. He says to them firmly,

                Everything is based on inner courage (jurat). No one can use a courageous person. If a good person uses his courage, even a bad person can be moulded into a good one. Energy is within us all. It can be wasted or used well.

It is very difficult to develop a personality. If a person has a well-developed personality, he will always have an effect. Prophets’ personalities are such that their effect changes people. Always take good colleagues. It is a waste of time to involve others and criminals.

To take that inner voice of love to the villages is a great blessing. If a person encounters love, his glory becomes great.

In India, farmers have no voice. The weak have no voice, and the farmers are the weak. If you can uplift and strengthen their voice, your fame will grow. Then books will be written about you. Great courage is needed for this, and then those in power will fall. See the present situation: Politicians are becoming rich by taking the name of the poor.

I told [a famous political leader] that she was doing this, and to my joy, she said, “It’s my mistake.” People automatically make mistakes. Your best friend is one who will point out your mistakes.

Have faith.