August 12, 1996 – Long-term Success


                Some people have come to Maharaj to take his blessings and advice on creating a United Nations programme for educating children in environmental protection. Maharaj welcomes them lovingly, and then tells them,

                Good things always have blessings, good roots, and good fruits. But there will also be difficulties. You must be aware of how many thousands of years you want this project to grow. For 300 years they threw Christians to the lions.

 Keep your feet on the ground and feel that it is possible to succeed even if initially there is conflict. The rich and industrialists may be opposed. Go with the idea of success, and you will be successful. Christians and Muslims are celebrated now, but look at what happened to Jesus and Mohammed at first.

                Look: There is a great movement to bring religious unity and peace in the world. Its leaders expect to see it themselves in their lifetime. Daniel Gomez-Ibanez came here before the Chicago Parliament of the World’s Religions. I told him, ‘You think peace will come as a result of the Parliament, but there will be fighting there.’ He didn’t believe me, but it happened. And he resigned.

                One of the women says to Maharaj, “We are planting a seed. Please guide us on how to be successful.”

                He answers,

                Listen less to bad things, speak less of bad things, walk less on wrong paths. Follow the inner voice. Remember the good and move straight toward it. There is nothing in which a person cannot succeed if he has faith, desire to serve, and a goal.

                Everything developed on the earth has been done through humans. Have faith in God and your goal. Follow and be happy always. When a good seed is sown, a good tree, good fruit will result. A small idea may bear good fruit.

                Your idea is good, but make your faith very strong. They asked Jesus who he was that air and water were obeying him. He said, ‘I know they are under my Father’s order. If you have faith even as small as a mustard seed, even a mountain will come down.’

                Also have strong love for God. Then you will wonder where the fire has gone. God always helps those with good ideas and gives them willpower.