August 14, 1996 – Why not celebrate all holy days everywhere?


                Mr. M. C. Bhandari has come to talk to Maharaj about an interfaith conference he is arranging for September. Maharaj is not enthusiastic about the idea. He tells him,

There are two different things: One is idea, the other is actual practice. Until your feet are firmly on the ground, you won’t see anything practical. These days there are so many seminars, but the rishis sat under trees; the prophets had no houses. However, there was healing wherever they went.

So many books are written in our country about enlightenment, meditation, healing. But practical demonstration is most necessary. People have become critical.

                Mr. Bhandari asks Maharaj to give a message for his conference about the unity of all religions. Maharaj tells him,

At Gobind Sadan we celebrate all the holy days with lights, with qawwalis. The most dangerous thing:  All people say that all religions are one, so why not celebrate the holy days everywhere? They are just talking. We celebrate all the holy days with equal joy.

We celebrate the birthdays of all God’s messengers because God, Who is nonmaterial, came on that day in material form. God was there before Guru Nanak, before the Prophet Muhammad. So why do we celebrate them? They came in a form like us. We are thankful that they did not come in a different form.

All these functions are useless. Where are seminars held? Where tea is most expensive. Look what a waste.

Why don’t we come to such gatherings? We don’t try to be a prophet. We speak about what will benefit our country—nothing beyond our ancient culture. I don’t come because I’m not a speaker; I am a doer.

 I have no enmity. I want that people should be freed—that their voice should be uplifted. But people are enslaving each other all the time. As Guru Gobind Singh said, “Let all humanity be recognized as one human race.”