August 17, 1996 – First convince your mind that there is one prophet


            Josef, a young man from Europe, has worked for the International Interfaith Centre in Oxford, England and is now working for United Religions Initiative. He says to Maharaj, “I came here because I heard that Jesus had appeared here. Where Jesus appears is always a very good place.”

            Maharaj says, “He really did appear here.”

            Josef explains his mission: “I hope that such a place where different religions meet can help in understanding between religions.”

            Maharaj corrects him:

There won’t be any benefit in making a building. First decide: Where did Jesus come from? Did Moses and Muhammad also come from there? And Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, and Guru Nanak?

Josef says, “They came from the Light of God.”

Maharaj tells him,

It’s not a matter of speaking. You must believe it. You must pray for each with equal fervour. Just by saying that, you will not be able to unite religions.

We don’t celebrate Jesus for show. Our inner feeling is that he came from the same place as Moses.

Josef asks, “As in the United Nations, would it be helpful to have a place where all religions could come together without fighting?”

Maharaj answers,

There is no benefit in building a place. There are already many places like that. Prepare that place in your mind, a place of healing.

We should celebrate the days of all prophets in our temples. Why not? Automatically religions will be one. They all say God is one. They all say to love, to serve, to have compassion.  As Jesus said, “Love the flowers, the trees, the oceans.” The Prophet Muhammad said, “Love everything.” Guru Nanak said, “See God’s Light in everything.”

First go into your mind and take a big hammer to break those strong forts.  God is one, Love is one, Light is one. God has not created any differentiations.

Josef says, “It is necessary to teach people a bit about other religions.”

Maharaj says, “Okay, but heal your mind and then it will heal others. First convince your mind that there is one prophet with different names.”

Josef requests, “Please bless my brother, my sister, and me so that I can do my work better in the future.”

Maharaj tells him,

He will surely bless you all for your love, and you will stay happy. Keep taking blessings and love Him. Keep love in your thoughts. He is always giving love. Neither that love nor that healing will ever end.