May 10, 1996 – Advice to a young actress


            A budding actress from Mumbai, home of India’s film industry, comes for Maharaj’s blessings. Along with his blessings, he offers her some sound advice:

            You have come from a place where there is a great ocean, in which big fish are eating little fish. Recognize that fame is very dangerous.

            Always think of your parents. If they forbid anything, stop at once. They are older and they know where the difficult paths in this world are.

            Everyone has two personalities. One is obvious; the other is not. Outwardly people may praise you, but inside them is a snake.

            Kali Yuga is very hot, especially in the circles in which you move.  Do your actions, but think first. There is going to be a lot of commotion about you on television, and in newspapers.

            With great willpower, make a goal and keep going toward it. There is great power within everyone. To collect that power is the work of the dervish, and of the scientist. Unless you join your mind to your hand, you can’t score a goal. The horse of your mind will go where your mind is focused. Without focus, it will go hither and thither.

            Always read Jaap Sahib. It will give you great power.