May 13, 1996 – Healing at Jesus’ Place


            The wife of Dr. Suresh has come to Maharaj and wants to recount the story of how her husband, who has MB in Medicine, was healed of a very painful slipped disk. She says:

            We came to pray that he should get well. We met Major Sahib, and he told us, “You take a glass of water and go to that Christ’s Place. Go and request to God, and pray with full faith, that he should get well. Take the Name, ‘Ik Onkar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru’ there.”

            He could not walk up to that Christ’s Place. In between he stopped many times. He was in severe pain. He could only walk hardly one foot or two feet. All doctors had advised him for operation. They said this has to be removed. He had done all that investigation of CT Scan, etc. He had a clinic and had to close it; it was very difficult. Someone guided us to the way of naturopathy, but with His blessings, he did not take a single medicine, he did not get operated, and he is 100% normal.

            He is working very hard now, day and night, more than earlier. I don’t know how he was cured. That was a miracle. It happened about 6 months back. Everyone in the family had all been very tense. He was not able to ride a scooter, he was not able to see patients. He had to purchase a car because of the back problem. He used to ask the history of patients, but he could not ask. He used to ask half of the history, then come and sit.  He could not examine the patient. Then after that, the pain was so severe that he was not able to sit also. Then he could not walk. Then he could not stand. And after that, he could not sleep. Even when he was lying down there was a problem.

            I don’t know how he got cured. It was only Maharaj ji’s blessings.