May 26, 1996 – Enlightenment in the midst of Maya


            The Russian artists have asked Maharaj how to live in society if you are longing for God-realization. Maharaj answers:

            It is a matter of enlightenment. Whether you live in society or in the jungle, enlightenment affects everything. If you live in a jungle, you will like that. If you live in a monastery, you will like that. If a person lives in society, whether in family life, government position, or a job, enlightenment makes its own position there. It is a matter of state of mind. Where you live has no effect on enlightenment.

Raja Janak was an enlightened king. He said to people, “You think these things are yours, but I understand that the whole kingdom is God’s. Armies, elephants—all that is God’s.”

            It is written in Gurbani, “The Guru-oriented person is detached in the midst of wealth.” When enlightenment comes, nothing affects it. If you are dancing, dance. The state of enlightenment has no connection with the outer environment. What your mind is attached to is much more appealing than any worldly thing. That is a much greater Love than worldly love. That One has no equal. He is alone. Sit wherever you want—There will be Light.

            The Russians have picked up some ideas about the “Fourth Stage” of enlightenment and they ask Maharaj to explain it. He says,

What is the Fourth Stage? Manifestation of the soul. Nothing can harm it. Death is nothing. But none of the revealed scriptures say anything about a “fourth stage.” 

How can you judge the degree of enlightenment? It is like throwing diamonds before pigs. They will think them stones. The enlightened person’s food is truth. It is truth that he distributes.

Maharaj laughs and says, “If angels have spoken to you, why do you want my opinion?”