June 1, 1996 –Miracles increase people’s faith


The Russian artists are having another long audience with Maharaj ji. He is telling them some of the miracles that occurred during his youth. 

Why does God work like this? To increase people’s faith.


Russian painters with Maharaj ji


There was a person who always walked on crutches. God’s hukam came to take the sand from the place where people ate and washed utensils and rub it on his body. After a few days he began walking. The crutches he was using may still be lying at Sarawan Bodla. There are many people still alive with whom such miracles happened. 

According to my Gyan (enlightened wisdom), all things are in God’s control—living and dying, making crippled people walk. 

As a child I didn’t go to any holy place or teacher for learning. Just as a child comes and the teacher says, “Sit in Samadhi,” God used to come and tell me, and I did so. But I didn’t understand anything about levels of meditation, because He didn’t tell me. Instead, He gave Light and Gyan. 

I never thought I would see Jesus, but He appeared, saying, “Blessed!”  He came to clear my doubt as to whether all the prophets are the same and came from the same place. 

All this shows that God is very powerful. He has given Gyan and He can do everything. A person is proud of his degrees, but God has all degrees—immeasurable—and so does a person touched by God. 

I can’t tell you anything from any book because I haven’t read any book. I can only tell you what I have seen and what has happened to me.