June 6, 1996 – What to do when karma attacks?


Maharaj has explained to us a new hukam that has come to do Arta (worship by waving trays of small oil lamps) every night at the main havan in Gobind Sadan, Baba Siri Chand’s havan, Darbar Sahib, and Jesus’ Place. He tells Gurcharan, “This is a time of great blessings. There is a ray of light coming down at Gobind Sadan.” 



Further, he says,

Everything is karma–even bathing before worship, putting out incense, placing flowers, performing Arta. In Karam Khand (this world of action), one can do something, such as sharing wealth. 

Why do all religions use divas (oil lamps)? Because God is Light. We see the little lights and develop the frame of mind to perceive that Divine Light. But fundamentalists say, “Remove these divas.” 

It is in Karam Khand that Gyan (enlightened wisdom) comes, and with it comes vision. Speaking truth is also a kind of Arta. Slowly enlightenment comes when we speak truth.

Vision comes to one person, but other people can only read it. People tell me I am speaking what is in the Vedas, but I am speaking directly from God. Whatever I say is by Your Grace. I cannot say a single word from my own side. By Your Grace, the Gyan of each prophet has come. You tell me, ‘Speak,’ and I do.

You will surely find whatever you see in vision in older revealed scriptures. There is one Speaker, one Listener—the messenger, the prophet. None of these things have come from reading. When Guru Gobind Singh said in Jaap Sahib, ‘Ganeemul Khiraj hain’ (You are the One who takes monetary penalty from enemies), it was not that he spoke after reading the Holy Qur’an or the Vedas. He spoke from enlightened vision. 

A long-time devotee from Chandigarh comes in, very depressed. Maharaj says for her benefit, 

Great businessmen come in distress because karma is attacking them. If they meditate, cooling comes at once. People come here like fools because they have gone just for materialism. Without meditation, they have no defence.

How can you make roti (traditional flat bread) without flour? Karma is made with thoughts. When karma attacks, sit in samadhi and think of the Guru. Control your thoughts, because everything you get, including enlightenment, comes from karma. 

Now the whole world is being attacked. All are depressed, nervous. Is anyone happy? Women come full of jewels, but so depressed. Karma comes from meditation, not from money. Karma attacks a person more and more. There is fear in children even from previous lives because of karma. 

Gurcharan says to Maharaj, “What you say is not written in any book.”

He replies, “It is, but who has time to read any book?” Then he adds, 

Those Russians (the couple who had been coming to him recently) spoke from thought. They thought they were receiving visions from deities. In all countries people think themselves to be healers. But to be a healer is to have such strong vibrations that even fruits and stones are healed. 

He tells some apt stories from the life of Guru Nanak, and then continues, 

Healing spreads by itself, without any talking about it. Wherever a healer puts his foot is healed. What a great healer Guru Gobind Singh was.  By drinking the water that his sword had touched, people became so brave (referring to the amrit by which the Khalsa were baptized). Such healing comes from his thoughts that drinking that water ends fear and brings enlightenment. 

Today people are so limited in spirituality that neither their word nor thought nor hand heals. Self-styled healers may have anger inside. They give that to a person rather than amrit (blessed water of Khalsa initiation). 

All the prophets and dervishes were healers. The strongest rays come from the sole of the feet and palm of the hand.

Those Russians talked about degrees of enlightenment, but it is a matter of a bulb that is on or off. It is a matter of state of mind. 

He then says to the depressed woman from Chandigarh, 

Meditate daily. Make the environment of your mind good. Everyone is worried. It is spreading in the air. But you have done so much seva, have so much love. Your faith is strong and God is merciful.