October 13, 1996 – The need for faith in Kali yug


                Ranjit Kalha and his wife Baljit have come to see Maharaj. Ranjit is a very distinguished public servant, having served as India’s Ambassador to Iraq and Indonesia. He is now serving as Additional Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs. Baljit is active in social causes. Maharaj always gives them a long audience, for they are very close to him and are in a position to do a lot of good for the country. He tells them:

                We have a base: our faith. Jesus blessed people 24 hours a day with faith. But now people have no faith in themselves or God or in any goal. They have become upset. But by God’s grace, they change from inside.

                In the world, all people and all countries have slipped off their base. All want to break the law in their own self-interest. If the circle is broken, there are accidents everywhere. If a small pin slips out of a machine, it doesn’t work right. Worry comes in a person’s thoughts: “What will happen tomorrow?” This will surely affect the person, like a storm.

                There is such a need for faith now. There is so much fear, such a bad environment. When an elder is angry, children are fearful. Law and order is the country’s elder. When it slips, people fear what will happen next. People have fallen off their base. To get back on it, we need faith, love, and willpower. Things are always changing.

                People are humans. They want food, electricity, comforts. Our whole supply of those is under law. If we slip beyond that law, we are no longer under the umbrella. We are exposed to the rain. The climate has changed slightly, and people’s willpower is much diminished.

                One person sits with a pen, knowing it is God’s, and will only write if God chooses. Another says he is a fool. “Who can have such faith today?” Others are allergic to him. People have no vision. They are wavering.

                If a person sees the future, he is neither happy nor sad. He is alone (in his awareness). He knows it will surely happen thus. All things are His. It is up to Him whether to give a sword, whether to apply pressure. He may say, “Don’t go out for 3 days.” Another person goes out and has an accident.

                For the dervish, it is not a matter of faith, but of pleasing Him. God overlooks our mistakes. We are to rise above all these things. Why does a person waver? Because he doesn’t know. When you see the future, you are not worried. You know in advance that the heavy rain will bring losses.

                Dervishes, rishis, and munnis (silent sages) have always existed in our country, seeing the future. Rulers have asked for their advice: “This period will not be good for you.”

                People run on self-interest, which is endless. Without contentment, what have you? Contentment means “What He did, does, and will do are all okay.”

                Everything is supplied from Up There. Without His Merciful Gaze, bad karma cannot be removed. His Mercy is necessary. In this era, if you live with faith and love, you will have no loss. If your faith is less, it will affect your mind and body. Faith is God’s grace. Therefor Guru Amardas sang, “Oh my mind, always abide with God.”

                 Maya is an ocean of darkness. It is a drama, whether you see it that way or not. To understand this drama takes enlightened wisdom. The whole thing goes in a circle. Everything changes–periods, weather. Things come and go in this circle. Some water clears only gradually as it moves along–it takes some force. Stay with your post and thank Him. Don’t worry. Love. When storms come, some trees will break and some will remain standing.

                This is Kali Yuga, and this current period was already described by Guru Gobind Singh. But never mind. Things will change. A new tree sprouts from an old stump. Now people are rummaging in the garbage. All dharma is hidden now, and Satan has made every inch his place. He has all in his grip. There is no glimmer of truth. But every day people are born who side with the weak.

                Don’t fear. Truth will never end. When darkness falls, the animals have no blanket, but they dance. He can make a beggar a king, and vice versa. Clouds will bring good rain. Good people will come forth if He chooses.

                When a person is poor, he is happy just to have good water. When a person is rich, he may not be happy even with great delicacies.

                 Love God, read scripture, take His blessings. The prophets have always said these things. People may slip, but then they appeal to Him for help. Everything is controlled from There, but when a person’s thoughts slip, go out of control, that is very dangerous. Pray to God, “Give us good, true, loving thoughts. The Management is Yours.” If a crop is diseased, you spray it and it regains health. When a person who has slipped comes back, he will be good.

                If you are tempted by greed, stay strong, because people will be watching, ready to pounce on you in jealousy. Keep your law, character, and goal so powerful that no spear can pierce them.

                Never close the door. Jesus said, “Some met Me with lamps already lit, ready for My coming.”