October 9, 1996 – His own Meditation Experiences


October 9, 1996 – His own Meditation Experiences

                Maharaj has been talking to me about responses to his newsletters, especially indications that walls between people of different religions are coming down. He wants us to show photos of people of all religions who come here, side by side. He also wants us to document the miraculous cures that are happening here. He blesses the masons and labourers who are working to expand the place where foreign guests stay and gives hukam to make a meditation hall there. Then he is suddenly inspired to give an amazing revelation about what happens when you meditate, based on his own private experiences. He says:

                Focus on the Guru to stabilize the wandering mind. Thoughts of fear, peace, attraction, self-interest, anger, etc. come into the mind. Keep the mind clear with meditation. If there is anger, greed, or wobbling faith, concentrate on gian (inner wisdom).

                 A photo or statue of the Guru is a manmade thing, but when we focus on it, it begins to give us messages. Slowly that photo or statue loses its material form. It takes on its form as Light and appears inside us. Then it is both inside and outside. The inner voice gives us messages. What we saw as an outer photo sits inside us–perhaps in our stomach. When that form appears inside, you worry when you eat or drink (because you don’t want to disturb Him there).

                You meet with God, but you wonder–Is He both outside and inside? Then when you drink tea, He also drinks. Both of you eat and drink together. You wonder–Who is this like me who is sitting there? He dresses like you, speaks like you. It is such a drama, and you don’t understand.

                Your spirit is strong, but your body becomes weak. Then He asks, “Why didn’t you come yesterday?” After that, you don’t want clothes or food. No desires remain. You want only His Love. His hukam comes automatically. The future is revealed like a film. While the spirit becomes stronger, your body becomes weaker and weaker, for nothing pleases you. You sing, “Who are You?” It is no theory. That condition cannot be cured by any doctor.

                Then if any person comes, whatever you give to him is prasad (blessed food), and whatever you say is a blessing. Hukams come for people–“Go–follow!” Connection with that inner thing does not break; it flows like a river. You see the nature of God in everyone. You know that He is the Creator. He can do anything. Riddhis, siddhis (spiritual powers) that come are no big thing–why not?

                Only with meditation will a person’s enlightenment advance, but there are many stages of enlightenment. Perhaps you know nothing about religion, but these things will surely happen. “You are me, I am You.” “You are That.” You know these things.

                Meditation heals thoughts, and thoughts heal the body. People think you are a fool. You look like a skeleton with your ribs showing. But inwardly there is such excitement–you are dancing. You say, “It’s not my fault–It’s His life.” You see what powerful things He does. He says “Sit!” and you sit. There is no need to go to the bathroom. He trains you.


                People know nothing of these states. You are sitting under a tree in samadhi, with no worldly thoughts at all. He just does what He will. 

                Giving a person enlightened wisdom, training him, talking to him–there is nothing of pride or faith in this. Faith is His, and remembrance is His. These things will surely happen if you sit in meditation–as He wills. None of this is yours.

                God’s nature is what we call miracles. A person comes, and He blesses her. A person comes and says, “After reading scripture I feel His Power.” When thoughts are clean, HIs Power comes forth. Pressure dims that.

                These things are already developed. Everything can change, whether you are a demon or a deity. Control your thoughts and keep turning them inside. Go to where He is always saying, “Koi gal nehin”–“Never mind.”

                Vivek is in everyone, more or less. It is manifest in some. Make good thoughts, increase your love, and say, “What You will is what will be. You are so great and I am such a small ant. There is no comparison.”

                The more your thoughts become clean, the greater your enlightened wisdom. Dharma means always controlling your focus. The Prophet Muhammad spoke of Akbar Jihad (the greatest battle) as control of one’s mind. Lord Krishna spoke of concentrating the mind in Brahma. Brahma is one, and the soul is eternal.  Jesus said, “He who believes in Me shall never die. One who has faith in Me is unaffected by death.”

                Jesus said, “I am the beginning, the middle, and the end.” Lord Krishna said, “I am Brahma, I am atma (soul), I am gian (enlightened wisdom). I am the Creator and the Samadana of the world.”

                Jesus sometimes said, “Have faith in me.” Sometimes He said, “Have faith in my Father.” He knew that they were one, but this is hard for people to understand. Guru Nanak said, “I am the Formless (Nirankar).” This meant “I have met the Formless One.” All spoke from God-realization, not from pride, ego, or conceit.

                Meditation brings the full blessing of God. Then God’s merciful Gaze is very profound on that person. To see Him, to meet Him…He knows what will happen tomorrow, knows lakhs of years.

                In enlightenment, what you focus on becomes prevalent in you. That colour pushes ignorance back.

                 What you write from your own thought is of no value. Meditation has a PhD degree. At first when you sit you know nothing. When you meet Him, that is called meditation, too. The same word is used for all states.

                Why does a person keep sitting? That taste, that Love holds you. It doesn’t allow you to get up. By listening, believing, the Love develops in you. When there is Love, everything comes.

                God knows everything–what happened and what will happen. But He does not tell much because He is leery of fame. What He says will surely come to be. There is no one like Him. He has no meetings or plans. No one can change His policies.

                He says, “Just read Jaap Sahib. Don’t waste My time asking why.” He just says, “Give it–blessing will come.” He knows the time has come for this Big Hammer: “You have no father, mother, colour, or form.” The person knows nothing, but there is His hukam. The One who speaks knows.I always wondered what was happening, but didn’t know until I saw the results.

                After giving us these mysterious clues to his inner realization, Maharaj ji says to me,

                Make a book of these practical experiences. This is Dharma. It is all His drama, throughout the world. If you write freely of these things, people’s faith will increase. A person’s plans and thoughts are nothing. But there is one Thing, whose speed is very fast. There is no need for pen and paper. He speaks, and you say that. Those words come when He wills. A person can’t go through that gate.

                Muslims believe that Hadith is Muhammad’s thought and Holy Qur’an is God’s voice. But they also believe that the Prophet’s thought is Allah’s blessing.

                That Power can change a person. Nothing else can transform us. A person is sad in one place and happy in another. He changes people; a person can’t.

                Referring to the Law of Moses, Jesus said, “Don’t even think of sinning.” This was the divine Order, not his idea. When Moses met that great Light, it was so bright that he had to close his eyes. He didn’t write the Commandments; God did.

                These things develop from time to time, but faith never changes. It is always victorious. It always gives Light.  Throughout the world, people have shifted from their base. Thus it is a very dark time.

                Again, he says to me,

                Make a book of these things, of practical experiences. This is dharma. It is all His drama, throughout the world. If you write freely of these things, people’s faith will increase. Here is the chance: You have put this tape recorder here. It catches the voice. Now there are two or three people sitting here, but this will go to lakhs of people.  


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