October 3, 1996 – The merger of past karma and present karma

            Mohinder Singh, who has built many metal sheds for Gobind Sadan over the years, including Maharaj’s little house in Shiv Sadan, has come for Maharaj’s darshan along with other people. Maharaj gives them a very special talk about how our previous karma follows us into this life:

            When a person is born, he is very ancient. What he then sees and hears affects his mind. Our past karma is hidden. When it joins this present karma, they interlock. When the person sits in meditation, his former enlightenment that was hidden immediately joins his current awakening.  In the same way, past bad karma and present bad thoughts immediately interlock. Therefore be careful twenty-four hours a day that your bad karma does not join with your current bad thoughts.

            What is it that keeps a supply of good karma inside? The realization that God was giving us life and health from the time that we were in the womb. When such thoughts are established in our mind, we become dharmic. Therefore, once you come into the world, listen to good teachings.

            Karma definitely takes birth with us again. If it did not, we would remain in ignorance. You can’t even take a needle into the next life, but you definitely take karma. It is being formed daily.

            Nothing goes according to our plans. Someone has made us and is running everything. A person makes a goal with his own thoughts. When it doesn’t happen, he worries and becomes angry. But it is up to Him–it is His worry. Prophets have given us hints about this in order to distance us from worry.

            A child wants a scooter but his parents won’t give it to him because they know he will have an accident. Just so, God is our Parent and knows what will not be good for us. Even a great General can do nothing when God’s power leaves.

            The turning of the earth around the sun creates both darkness and light. He is controlling this cycle. The slightest change brings climate change, for His rays for keeping the climate stable are slightly disturbed.

            Look inside. Everything is in cycles. God has the “governor” of all Creation in His hand. If the mind shifts just a bit off its place, you become worried, nervous, fearful. But if your thought is clear, you become a Brahmgiani (God-realized person) with high thoughts.

            “You are the Dancer of the cosmos, ever joyful.” God is not like a person who tires after ten minutes. He is always dancing the drama.

            So control your thoughts. All scriptures focus on mind control. What is a fool but one whose control over this thought is broken? A person who is angry everywhere is surely a fool. Ninety percent of people have lost control of their thoughts. So go slowly in the world. As soon as you become angry, go inside immediately to see God’s hand at work.