September 15, 1996 – The One Who is doing everything


            Some well-placed devotees have come to see Maharaj. They include the family of Ranjit Kalha, who had been India’s Ambassador to Iraq and to Indonesia and is now Additional Secretary of the Ministry of External Affairs. Maharaj gives them a wonderful talk, and then tells me to send this message around the world. Here it is, in part:

            We need to make a goal and focus fully on it. Keep your thoughts and goal clean, and then great willpower will develop in you. Look at any successful person: All his desires are merged in one goal.

            What is the greatest city? The mind. One lakh cells in it die daily and are replaced—unless worry interferes with the process of creating structure for new cells. Where else can you find a factory that can run just on roti? Such an Engineer! Is there any such machine in the world?

            If you ever doubt God’s existence, just look at the wonders of the body. Look at how God cares for the flowers, dresses them in softness—how God provides for the sustenance of the body in the womb, and mother’s milk for the infant. Guru Granth Sahib says, “You are so great that You took care for me even in the womb.” The Prophet Muhammad revealed, “Praise the Lord who has created you so beautifully.”  God is so great to put you together from the ears of your mother, the nose of your father, the eyes of your uncle….He is the greatest Engineer, the greatest Designer.

 One is amazed: “Who are You?” When the Word comes from His tongue, the whole cosmos is created. He is fearless and without enmity.

God’s love, God’s vision, God’s enlightened wisdom is within everything. God has placed so much enlightened wisdom in us, but it must be opened through meditation. It’s such a great treasurehouse. Always think, “You are everything—my love, my goal, the Cause of my actions.”   Such powerful things are with God. We should take them.

We should sleep peacefully as the poor do, knowing that God is taking care of everything, even though they have no nice clothes or houses. By contrast, those in big houses have no happiness.

These things are not in a person’s control. That Light has no legs, no feet, but yet creeps into a person’s mind. What is to come to a person will happen. Who can interfere? The Guru says, “I am one poor person, surrounded by five enemies. Oh Saviour, save me.” If You place Your hand on me, my mind will not waver. “Oh my mind, always remain with God.” The five diseases are in us all, and only God can save us.

Think of Him, love Him. He will never disappoint you. Always think of Him as the One who is doing everything, giving everything.