September 13, 1996 – Where does God live?


                Bud and Donna Young, interfaith-minded Christian ministers from the upstate New York area have been very helpful in developing Gobind Sadan’s center in rural Central Square, New York. They are close friends of Ralph Singh and Joginder Kaur, who have sent them to Maharaj. It was Maharaj who blessed Donna to offer the communion bread at a ceremony at Gobind Sadan’s Jesus’ Place, after which she went to school to become a minister. Maharaj speaks to Bud and Donna about the Prophet in the form of Jesus, with Ralph translating for them:

                Whenever the Prophet comes, we can see his face, hear his words, but we don’t see that Spirit which is in him. Why does this Power take birth in human form? In our conscience there is a great Light. But we are not listening to it. That non-manifest Power takes manifest form and begins to talk to us. From his merciful gaze, from that Power, the little light within us becomes great.  Not only do we become Light—the wind, the earth, all are healed. That healing spreads to the whole cosmos. He is the ocean of healing. Those waves are always spreading from him. That healing illuminates the light within us.

                However, several things must be present before that can occur. There must be faith, and compassion, and desire to serve in us. Then that Light is not wasted. We are cleaned by it because we have created a base for it to work in us.

                So why do we worry? Why are we afraid? Why are we greedy? Why do we commit crimes? Because we have forgotten that healing, have lost our faith. We don’t understand. We have forgotten because we try to confine Him in little forts (of institutional religions). But in what fort can the Light be confined? When Jesus spoke of his Father, of whom was he speaking? Of the One who resides in all creation, in every heart, every mind, every country, throughout Creation. How big would that fort have to be? How could we gather and contain all the stars and planets?  When we look from enlightened vision, we will see Him in all Creation. So why do we create boundaries?

                Why is there conflict in the world? Because everyone is trying to capture Him. The One to whom we are building buildings is so far beyond them. If He were to sit there, who would heal the rest of the world?

                Ask: Where does God live? He says, “Wherever Love is, wherever seva is, I am there 24 hours a day.”

                Find one place where God has said, “This is My boundary.” Jesus said, “Look for my Father in flowers, mountains, hearts.” God says, “Just love Me and I will love you.” My firm faith is that all countries’ worries and conflicts will end if we see God in this single form, but we are not willing to do so.  

                Someone who walks in darkness will stumble. One who lives in the Light will eat, sleep, and walk in that Light always.

                If we look at it, what is death? We don’t know what will happen after death, so we are afraid. Why? We have come from somewhere and we are going back there. We are all His guests.  

                It is up to your desire how you talk to Him. He is always there. You may want to see Him as Light, as a form, on a horse—He will appear to you thus. Or see Him rising above. He will appear to you that way, for He is in everything. Always see Him inside, outside, in all nations, in all people.

                Always feel that you are with Him, 24 hours a day. Don’t ever commit a crime with your hand. Don’t see any evil with your eye. Don’t even think evil of anyone, for bad karma will come of it.

                How can we know that healing is happening? When your thoughts are full of love, healing is going on, without your knowing. When anger or worry comes, know that that Power has been put aside. He is always happy, so why are you discouraged? He is afraid of nothing, so why aren’t we fearless?  If His Power leaves us, our body cannot speak. When it is there, we can laugh, play, eat, and enjoy, for He is with us.

Jesus said, ”My Father’s love is in everything. It cannot be confined in one place.” We should all accept that Jesus is Light.

Those are lucky who have His faith, love, and desire to serve in their minds. Always remember that He is always with us, inside us—beyond death, birth, beyond coming and going. When we die, God embraces us in His Light. We are afraid because we don’t know where we are going.

 Understand that He is there, even where we cannot see. He is running the whole universe. As we love Him, we are linked with all who are loving Him. Flowers are His offerings, the wind His chair, streams are playing music for Him. It is good to talk to Him in all things. 

May God always bless you that you will always love and help people.

At the end of the audience, Ralph tells Bud and Donna to go close to Maharaj so that he can bless them. Maharaj very lovingly rests his hands on their heads for a long moment. His blessing touch is very gentle, like the infinite love of a mother.