August 30, 1996 – His Power emerges within us to help the weak


            Officials from the Railway Ministry in Orissa have come to see Maharaj. The leader is Kanhu Charan Lenka, Minister of Revenue and Transport for the Government of Orissa, from the capital city of Bhubaneswar. Others gradually enter the room until there are about 20 of them listening to Maharaj. He speaks to them for a long time. He says,

            All people must think of their duty, of their country, 24 hours a day.

            God is not outside us. He is inside. We will feel Him when love, compassion, and desire to serve come in us. Then His working form emerges within us.

            Don’t think whether this is Kali Yuga (the worst Age) or Sat Yuga (he best Age). It is up to people whether the country is good or bad. The earth was the same in every Age. Whenever a person’s mind becomes good, the country and the earth become good.

            Who is the wealthiest person? One in whose heart is love, kindness, and desire to serve. His mind is wealthy, not poor. Who is the poorest? A person may have cars, big houses, and factory, but he thinks, “I am!” In Gurbani it is written, “Ego is opposed to Nam. The two do not dwell in the same place.”  An egotistical person has no peace of mind, no desire to serve. All good things are turned off in him, including the inner “bulb” that gives Light. He is worried all the time.

            What is God? He Who is sitting in every heart, pervading everywhere. Whenever you give weak people clothes or medicine, understand that God is happy. He is living with the weak ones. All prophets have said that they have come to uplift the weak. Who are the weak? Those who live in fear.

            People will always clash with the prophet. Those with entrenched power will feel attacked by his saying, “Why are you oppressing the poor?”  Whatever you have, share it. Share your love. Don’t lock up your power and say, “I am!” Share everything, even if you have nothing.

            If we look truly at the whole history of our country, there have been priests opposing the prophets. Then they built temples in their houses and took offerings there. Guru Teg Bahadur did not say to attack the priests, but rather to explain to them that puja is for helping others gain their strength.

            When attacked, the prophets were undismayed. They would always work for the oppressed. They felt, “There is love in me. What else would I do?” They prayed, “God, please give them strength and give me strength, too.”

            Jesus said to his disciples, “You have given me food and medicine.” They said, “No, we didn’t.” He said to them, “Whenever you gave water to a thirsty person, I drank it.”

            Guru Gobind Singh’s mission was to see how the weak could be uplifted. Even he had to leave his home and sacrifice his whole family, He was happy in making others happy and free, for that was his goal. Whenever he worried, he worried for the people, for they were living in trouble, unhappy and disheartened.

            Inside us is the Power which can work, do seva, end corruption and ego, bring change. No power comes from outside. But it is necessary to turn inside and talk with Him.

            Make a goal. He can only change the country through you. God has chosen you all and will work through you. God has given you power as a chance to share with others. Inside a person is such great power that the person cannot imagine it—the power to develop everything. Do not waste it by corruptions. Keep compassion, law, national victory, and uplift of the poor in the forefront. Whenever you move among the public, see that Power in everyone. Understand that you are speaking to God as you share with others.

            The victory or weakness of the country lies with you. Which horse will you ride? There was a time when Guru Gobind Singh had nothing, but he prayed, “Oh God, Your blessing is with me.” His blessing is with us all. We must recognize it. The Guru understood that despite all the obstacles, God with him would always triumph. Those in whose heart is love and compassion will never fear.

            Make a goal: What can we do for the state, for the country? I have full faith that whatever  you never thought could happen will happen.