November 1, 1996 – Worry and corruption


                Our great resident elder, Granthi and research scholar Bhai Kirpal Singh, has been cured of serious diabetes by Maharaj ji’s grace. He comes to thank Maharaj ji, who is inspired to give a talk about worry and corruption, for a government official and his family are also sitting in the private audience. He is looking at Bhai Kirpal Singh (“Major Sahib”) while he talks, but his arrows are aimed at the others:

                Everything is from thought. Why do we recite Nam? By meeting God, everything is healed. If you are under His Merciful Gaze, you can stop worrying. Why are sickness and worry so prevalent today? Guru Amar Das said, “Oh my mind, always reside with God.” Why not do so? If you and He are joined, why worry? The time has come in which darkness and worry are quite evident.

                Whatever we say goes into the atmosphere, into the cosmos, and keeps orbiting. If we are to study thoughts, the voices of the prophets are still orbiting, but we haven’t studied them. Nothing has ended, but we must do research to find them.

                Why is there no longer the traditional chain? Our old ways–such as eat and then sleep without worry–were supplied by our elders. They had little worry for they had an umbrella from past traditional cycles. But now we have moved outside these cycles. Everyone is slipping. Why are people corrupt? The traditional cycle is broken. Now everyone is corrupt. Their devotion, their good manner of speaking are all lost.

                The power of God’s people does not lie in quantity. Strength is in the individual, not in the sword. The prophets had no fight with anyone, but they demonstrated that God’s people were leaders of all. All the prophets were above fear and enmity. They came to increase our inner strength and also our happiness.

                Reciting Nam is not just to open the Third Eye. It is to strengthen character, to bring all good things to society. Enlightenment always clashes with the ways of others, for it has no greed. Enlightened wisdom always steps back and asks why people worry. Why can’t they sleep? The enlightened person says there is no need to be afraid. He says, “Nothing will happen.” That statement will start to clean the mind. Why do you think you will become great through corruption? That’s a different team.

                Nam makes us very strong from within. It brings so much pleasure, above lower negative states of mind. What is criticism? Rise above it. If someone has criticized you correctly, get rid of what they have criticized.

                Why are people worried today? They are doing bad things and are therefore always worried. If you do one bad thing, several bad things will follow. Clean your actions. It’s not that other people will give you a hard time. Your own conscience will do that, and you won’t sleep well. Otherwise, how can you remain safe? Recite Nam, control your thoughts.