November 3, 1996  – Saving the ex-Prime Minister (Sri Narasimha Rao)


                Being in great trouble politically, Sri Narasimha Rao, ex-Prime Minister of India, has come to Maharaj for his blessings. He is being charged in many raging corruption scandals and is due to appear in court on the 5th. Maharaj saw in vision that Guru Gobind Singh is more powerful than all the majority who are against Narasimha Rao and that he has locked the doors of the jail so that Rao cannot enter. Even though other corrupt politicians have already been sent to jail in the current flurry of corruption trials at the highest level, Guru Gobind Singh told Maharaj that he would not unlock the jail unless Maharaj told him to.

                The hukam was for Narasimha Rao to sit in havan, sit before Darbar Sahib listening to kirtan (he heard Sarvjit Grewal singing “Manas ki jaat”), and distribute langar with his own hands. I presume he sponsored langar this noon, for there were extra dishes such as special vegetables, seviyan, and jelabi. He carried out these hukams in silence with his face almost covered by a yellow cloth.

                After completing the hukams, the former Prime Minister comes to Maharaj. He says to him,

                This is a bad period, but nothing will happen to you, no matter what people say, because His power is above all. You will again become Prime Minister. It is God’s hukam, not mine.

                Tantra has a lasting effect, but mantra has a long-time effect of Light. Tantra has the effect of cruelty and oppression. The old effects of tantra are bringing these cases to you, because it is a black power, whereas mantra has the power of Light.

                Give up your worries. He says you won’t go to jail. All the doors have been blocked. In Sat Yuga, the mind wavers and one wonders how this can be. But it will be. It is our faith that the black doors will close and the Light one will open.

                I won’t say anything that will benefit me–only what will benefit the country and you. I think this pressure is for your training. A game is going on. But in God’s house, visionary guidance continues and it is most powerful.

                If any problem comes to you, call us. It is your home. We have no connection to anything but love.

                Never mind. Everything will be okay. Nothing will happen on the 5th. Then come back and enjoy yourself here. Always keep Jaap Sahib in your pocket. It will bring light. Keep quiet and always think of Paramatma (God). Don’t get angry. It is a difficult period, but nothing will happen. Always stay happy.

                 Then the security officers who are with Narasimha Rao are invited inside for Maharaj’s audience. He gives them a transformational talk, including these points:

                Karma is no theory. Puja (worship) clears your karma, but pujaris (priests) do no work. They take money for puja and speak for the management.

                Look at Narasimha Rao’s case. People’s thought is one thing and God’s  is another. Only He can free him. God can see that he can do good work in the future.

                Tantra is black and mantra is light. All scriptures are mantras and will never give you trouble. They will benefit your family and will always bring good developments. Don’t mistake pujaris for dharma. God lives in your hearts, in your loving ideas.

                There is no politician who hasn’t been to meet us here at Gobind Sadan, but we have no connection with any. We offer langar freely from our own farm work. We do not emphasize buildings. We do not ask for charity. Our mission is based on honest hard work.

                God is most powerful, but He makes no sectarian religions. If I were to say, “Sikh religion is best,” God would deny that He has any sects. Guru Gobind Singh said, “Let all humanity be recognized as one human race. Puja and Namaz are the same.” Priests always bring cruelty and oppression, the dervish always brings peace. He says of God, “You have no mother, no father. You bring Light, and You are always supplying everything.”

                To worship Him, always thank Him: “This is not mine.” Then His blessings will be in your mind 24 hours a day. If you have made any mistake, don’t make any more. Dharma is open. His Power prevails throughout Creation.

                Compassion, mercy, and anger are all inside us. How to control that anger? The Prophet Muhammad said to do Akbar Jihad (The Greatest Battle)–Fight with your bad thoughts and get rid of them. Jihad means to become a shaheed (martyr). God is Shaheed. That means one who gives Shahadat (evidence [of the Truth]).

                Our God is one. We are all brothers and sisters. Listen to good words and practice them. God has given you the duty to beware of bad people and help the good people. Why call a thief good? Guru Granth Sahib says that to deprive a person of his rights is like cow’s meat to a Hindu and pig’s meat to a Muslim.

                Understand that public money is poison. If you take it, perhaps your career and family will suffer. Always stay away from that poison.

                Always feel God’s presence and be aware of His Mercy. Thank Him for food, for brain. He will never leave you.

                Maharaj gives Jaap Sahib to each of the officers, and tells them:

                No one’s name is in it. It is full of peace. Read it for blessings. We all need them. You will all become dharmic. Read it daily, and if any difficulties come, it will remove them.

                After the officers are given that lovely talk by Maharaj, one woman in the group approaches him sweetly to request his help in conceiving a child. He gives her two apples–one for her to eat in the havan and the other to take to her husband to eat. He also advises her to put a bit of ash from the havan every day on her tongue.

                Thus ends a very quiet and peaceful visit by the former Prime Minister and his officers. God willing, he will not go to jail, and all of them will serve the country well and draw closer to God.