November 3, 1996 – Good people are waiting to sprout


                Maharaj is giving many great talks these days. After the long audience with Sri Narasimha Rao and his officers, he speaks to various other people. To one public figure, he says,

                When you have great responsibility, keep your thoughts under control, for you are in a fort, not free. People are always noting your character. We have broken the world records for corrupt management. Keep those people who contribute to progress. Those who are developing their character are the richest. Go to your Father happily to ask His hukam. Today people have got His orders upside down. But the seeds are there. The good people are hidden, quietly waiting to sprout.

                As people come and go in his small audience room, eventually Sri Rai Singh IAS and his wife come in, joining Mr. Ahuja the astrologer, the Russian couple Lena and Gerald Shagedanov, long-time sevadars Sunny (Hardeep Singh) and Churchill, and me. Maharaj proceeds to give another very special talk. He says to us:

                Who is the Guru? However you want to see him. He has many qualities. Which do you want to see? He is full of Light. He speaks of Truth–or is the Truth. He is everything. Whatever is your desire, you will see that in him. One said, “You are ubiquitous—you seem to be everywhere at the same time. You became many from One.” Another said, “We cannot describe your colour, your form.” Another says, “You are Hajra Hazoor— everywhere present.”

                The time has come in the cycle to leave depression and bring in happiness again.  The prophets have come just to change the period. When the guru comes, he finds his old people. If they were enlightened enough to find him instead, there would be two gurus! He knows ahead of time who and where they are, who can work for God. He knows these things, whether he tells them or not. If he told them, there would be arguments within the team.

                The Panj Piaras (Five Beloved Ones) were with Guru Gobind Singh before. The guru first makes his drama–where he places his disciples, in what country–and then he calls them to work. He takes them by the arm when there is an ocean of darkness. Full blessings are needed at such a time.

                How can a person get rid of bad karma [in order to work for the guru’s mission]? If a tree is sick, the gardener sprays it so that it can bear fruit. The guru’s Merciful Gaze is like spray that kills your karma so that you can bear tasty fruit–of love and compassion.

                 The servant says, “My speech is not sweet. I don’t know how to please You. If I knew what pleases You, I would do that. You meditate and love God, so I will do that, too. I don’t know how to dress, how to speak. Your dress is so smart, so I’ll retreat. I am short and homely, I am the farthest from You, but You greet me. I am so lowly, and You are the Light. How can Light meet this dark one? But You have loved me.”

                 Ultimately the servant says, “My personality is gone, and by Your grace, You are seen.” When you meet God, you understand how great is Love and Truth, and know that He overlooks our faults. You see that HIs qualities are to speak sweetly and overlook faults. His love is always with us. “How could one resist Your great appeal, for You are so loving? No one’s love equals Your Love.”

                In this world, you then travel laughing, loving everyone, especially God. You don’t just give Him the love left over from loving your family. In the whole world, God is such an ocean of love that those drinking from it don’t even make a ripple. Jesus said, “Take all love from Me. I don’t want your leftover love. My Supply is great. You will have to come to Me when other supplies run out.”

                With Nam and God’s blessing, whatever is supplied becomes even greater. The more you love and praise God, the more you accomplish. This is an office that never closes. All these things are so tasty, like fresh milk from a cow in a village.

                Anyone can make mistakes. Don’t be happy in seeing others’ mistakes. Pray to God, “Please bless him and bless me, too.” Dharma doesn’t teach you to punish them more. Everyone can make mistakes, but God does not want that people should remain off their base. Kali Yuga is so hot, but Nam is cooling. We must love Him. Wherever He goes, there is healing if compassion is within you. You have no right to torture the fallen any more. This is the difference between us and saints. They feel others’ problems as their own and keep blessing them. Knock on HIs door, and there is Light, Light.

                God’s method is to take the fallen and make them good people again. One person is the worst criminal. Another is very good. The guru finds both and lifts them up. One is a bhagat (devotee) who has left everything. Another is a recalcitrant atheist, and the guru gets him, too.

                Enlightened wisdom comes when ignorance is rampant. The Manifest Power comes when people are not ready to listen to the subtle inner voice. The subtle Power is there, but when we humans become worthless, He manifests.

                To fearful people, He gives fearlessness. This is His nature: to develop good qualities in those who have none, in the weak. Heroism and bravery comes from the guru’s transformation. Bad minds become good. A person is not a dervish–the dervish makes him so. If you sit next to enlightened wisdom and don’t listen, what can be done? He is so much greater than people. How can people be proud?

                Then Maharaj ji tells many stories of people who have been transformed by the prophets. He speaks of Mary Magdalene, who had been a prostitute:

                She knew that Jesus’ feet, the very earth He walked on were so pure, and knew that she was such a sinner. She went into such vairag that she cried and wiped his feet with her hair. Other people sitting there were proud and judgmental, but Jesus said, “Go–your sins are forgiven. When I am crucified, you will be the one to see My body.” Such a great boon He gave her.

                The prophet knows whom to give enlightenment to, and he gives it. One day Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and then gave them his Father’s Spirit. He told them from then on it would work even more in them than in him.