November 5, 1996 – The weakness of today’s youth


                Major Sahib and Maharaj are discussing the case of a young person from Punjab who has gone astray. Maharaj says,

                In the past, respect, love, and fear of elders kept our young people in line. Now that’s gone. All the young people are drinking. Liquor has become a fashion. Men don’t go to gurdwaras; mostly only women are there. People aren’t reading the daily prayers. The environment in villages has become bad. Everywhere women are crying.

                Perhaps such bad times have rarely happened in history. There is such a bad change for the worse. Now things can come right only if God intervenes and brings mercy and cooling. This is the same throughout the world.

                Now to be “advanced” means to be slipping. It means nothing. True advancement means speaking sweetly, loving, willingness to serve. Then it would be a truly advanced society.

                 Our old culture has gone so rapidly. Now there is a fire everywhere. Everyone has slipped off their proper management, doing wrong actions.

                If we leave our prophets, what will our condition be? If you don’t give a few minutes to God’s House, how will there be peace in your house? Gurdwaras were made as training schools–to make good character, instill truth. But now there is only medicine and food distributed there. All dharmic training is gone.

                First the inner ground must be made for love, for worldly detachment and attachment to God. If we don’t understand that corruption is bad, what can be done?  Previously, there was clear vision of how to maintain high character. The elders had ways of keeping everything safe. Marriages and birthdays were good family gatherings. Taking the elders’ advice is good. Our culture is very strong–generosity and behavioral traditions are unequalled. There is so much respect, rules for women, hospitality, and love. Violating those traditions leads to conflict. Crime and sin are just that, no matter what you call them.

                Look at history. After the prophet comes, people slowly improve and the machine begins to run again. But then people forget and need to be reminded again. Now people don’t take any time for spirituality. “Sant” is such a holy word, but it is being given such a bad name by those with no values.

                The prophets have all said to do parchar–to give education and answer questions. Guru Nanak said, “Listen and speak in this life.” If a question comes, answer it nicely, even if they were hard words. At such a time, it  is very necessary to have God’s inner control over anger. Always remember to practice and believe what you speak about; then the arrows will be with you. The problem is that speakers don’t do what they say, so people become disillusioned. Be a good example. The supply is endless. People are not bad, but they have been shown bad examples. When the examples are good, the country will be true.