November 6, 1996 – Reviving dharma


                Shri Prakash Singh Badal is now head of the Akali party in Punjab. He was an old disciple of Maharaj but hasn’t seen him in a long time. Today he has come with his wife, and Maharaj offers them tea and pakoras in his lovely garden on the hill. Maharaj tells him:

                Two things are very necessary in Punjab: help farmers and teach dharma in educational institutions. People of other religions know nothing about Sikhism.

                Jaap Sahib and Guru Granth Sahib are now going to thousands of homes. My goal is that Guru Gobind Singh’s name and bani (scripture) should go to all countries.

                Narasimha Rao is now reading Jaap Sahib and Guru Granth Sahib. It is Guru Gobind Singh who is keeping him out of jail. Vir Bahadur, Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, is so respectful. He has a big picture of Guru Gobind Singh and reads Jaap Sahib. Night and day I say to Guru Gobind Singh, “May your name spread.”

                It is your duty to spread Guru Gobind Singh’s dharma in gurdwaras. You know it is not being done. The subject of a gurdwara is opening the Tenth Door [the subtle spiritual gate on the top of the head], not just bowing. But instead, people are just sitting there criticizing. To receive gur prasad (the offering from the Guru) means to follow the orders taken from opening Guru Granth Sahib. We take kra prasad (the sweet food offering) but not this true prasad.

                There is no other choice in my mind–My dedication is to spreading Guru Gobind Singh’s name throughout the world. This is our duty. Guru Gobind Singh is my father and yours. Why don’t we send his message lovingly to the world? We need to send his praises and preaching everywhere.

                Prakash Singh Badal comments, “True parcharis (preachers) are rare.”

                Maharaj answers,

                What Guru Gobind Singh and Guru Nanak said, say that. Note that “Wahe Guru” (a name of God typically used by Sikhs) comes only 15 times in Guru Granth Sahib. Instead, what Names occur often there? Sohang, Ram, Narain, etc. We think that Narain is a Hindu name for God, but it’s not (only for Hindus).

                Vir Bahadur got a son after 18 years of a childless marriage through reading Jaap Sahib and taking fruit (blessed by Maharaj). Such was his faith. He always says to me, “He’s your child.” Now Dr. Karan Singh (a renowned Hindu statesman) speaks a lot about Guru Gobind Singh as a great power. Guru Granth Sahib has had a great effect on Mary, who has come from the US.

                After Shri Prakash Singh Badal leaves, Maharaj says to us:

                Look at all religions. All are in the hands of management committees, whereas they came from vision. How can the pope make a decision about dharma? These religions’ voices cannot be uplifted. The wrong operations are being conducted. People say, for instance, that Mata Gujri (Guru Gobind Singh’s mother) committed suicide (when she learned that Guru Gobind Singh’s young sons were martyred by being bricked alive into a wall). She did not commit suicide. These mistakes and management control of religions have brought hatred.

                No one is ready to do work that will benefit the community, the country. They work only for themselves. But prophets have always looked at how they could help the people. The dervish never thought of whom to please or antagonize. This is the difference between them and rulers. They asked that all be forgiven.

                Everything like this requires sacrifices. All new things have come from within individuals. Such a person is sitting alone, with no amenities. Scientists, scholars, and philosophers are all the same way–they are seeking wisdom rather than worldly goods. Enlightened wisdom recorded by pen never ends, for old books can be reprinted.  Things that are liberating never end.

                If you change a culture and its language, you need no army.  You will be finishing that society, as they forget their culture. Every community should last. How lovely is one’s mother tongue. That’s what a person’s life is made of. Remember language, and also your elders and friends. When language and culture are lost, so much is lost. It is not that other things are bad, but don’t leave your own.

                 People are so “advanced”–dressed so fine, but their personality is zero, like a mouse. Personality should come before dress. How is it advanced to throw out your elders? With freedom, dress could change a bit, but it should be respectable.

                Why are all the elders depressed? They used to be like lions. Now looking at their children, they think, “I gave my whole life for this?” They are struck with poisoned arrows, but people don’t know that. A warrior always stands at once against these.

                Write this: Don’t lose your old culture, your faith in God, your traditional attitude toward those below and above you. It is very dangerous to speak to your father and mother as “Tun” (the familiar form of “you”). Why are people miserable? They are not respected at home. In society, people ask, “Why didn’t you build a big house?” Rather, ask if they have developed enlightened wisdom.

                Guru Gobind Singh was not understood at all. He was never detached from God, for he was connected to the One who illuminates the soul. The soul (atma) is small; the Great Soul (Paramatma) is an ocean. That little drop meets the ocean. The Third Eye sees, “You are Infinite, Infinite (Beant, Beant) –You have no end.

                Then Maharaj instructs me to give the meaning of spiritual terms (such as those he was using above) and to write beneath them that they appear in the scriptures of other religions. He says that the prophets didn’t read books; they spoke from revelation rather than book-learning, and thus they all said similar things:

                Write a few words from each religion below the terms. For instance, Guru Gobind Singh used the word  “Julam” (from the Arabic word ‘Zulm,’ meaning cruel oppression). Respectfully write, “This also appears in Holy Qur’an, but not because Guru Gobind Singh had read it. It came to him from enlightened vision. Write like this, and then the poison will be ended. People of other religions will not feel, “It is our word.” They will feel, “This word is universal–It is God’s.”

                Write this: When prophets came, they assigned a few people to give proof of dharma, people who were fana (annihilated) in Allah’s grace, such as Hazrat Ali and Baba Deep Singh. Actually, you can call those people dharmic in whom one can see the power of guru and God. Then there is no difference (no religious boundaries) between them. There is no one in whom God does not exist, but one who maintains boundaries is not doing God’s work. Among dharmic people there is no high or low, no caste.

                Meditate, take His forgiveness, take His hand. When the sun passes by, there is no reason to ask where that light comes from. When a dharmic person comes, that Light is visible.

                May God give you spiritual arrows to avoid politics. Look at history. Religious figures were never the heads of any religious organization.