November 8, 1996 – High and low


                Maharaj prays intensely, and then distributes fine woolen blankets to our labourers. After they leave, he says to us:

                A person’s taste and enjoyment are gone when he becomes rich. Look at labourers: They are strong and happy, whereas the rich have so many clothes but no enjoyment in them. It is very hard to regain your taste for life once it is lost. People are trying to maintain a certain standard of living, but the true standard is truth, helping others, humility, staying happy. People who have little find what they eat very tasty.

                People are “allergic” to what they don’t have. A cycle-wala is allergic to scooters. Don’t keep worrying about life. You are God’s guest. Your parents have already left, and soon you will, too. Enjoy whatever happens and thank Him.  

                The hukam came for Narasimha Rao that he would not go to jail if  he gave langar and sat in Darbar Sahib listening to kirtan. It is amazing that whatever was said has proved true. God is so powerful, endlessly powerful, but people have left Him.

                 The impression on my mind is that if a person is great in a worldly sense, he is like a child who needs special education, for he is ignorant.  The difference here is that people are thought great because of their doing Nam and worship. Elsewhere they are garlanded because of their worldly position. If we were to salute them we would be breaking God’s rule for the dervish.

                Prakash Singh Badl came like a child, asking for hukam, admitting that there are no good preachers in the community. If you are praised by someone when you do wrong, regard them as your  enemy.