November 11, 1996 – An old soul reappears


                Daljit Grewal’s baby is here from Canada. His family is amazed that even as a toddler he is sitting in meditation. And when they carry him around in Gobind Sadan, he is very excited to see the paintings of Guru Nanak. He points to them and says something, in his own baby language. They bring him to Maharaj, who says,

                He was enlightened before and is demanding to come here to do seva. His plan is already established, and he wants to get on with it immediately. When gian (enlightenment) comes quickly to a person, it means that they did a lot of tapasya (disciplined meditation) before. Some people are bringing such blessings, such a treasure with them. He is a very old sevadar. He will be very good. His brain will be excellent, and there will be great enlightenment as well.

                Where there is a great Power, take boons, for the fruit will be great. People keep coming and going, but that Power never ends. What people want, He will surely grant, but for them, one life is very short. When a Dharmic One comes, He gathers all HIs old ones–the ones who sacrificed, loved, obeyed the hukam.

                This life is only part of what happens. The greater part is your old karmas. What you have asked for (in previous lives), you are getting. The Panj Piaras (Five Beloveds who offered their heads for Guru Gobind Singh’s mission) had previously asked Guru Gobind Singh that they would always be with him. He knew before whom he had chosen. For him there was no high or low, for all people are one. The Panj Piaras came from five different lower castes and five different living conditions. Such a person comes here and finds herself at home–not by her own plan. There are no senior or junior disciples. All the boons were already given. It is just a matter of when He brings them.

                When you (speaking of himself) see a new baby, you see the whole reel (of their previous lives). They meet you but don’t recognize you. These things are deeply imbedded in people but they don’t know. A person comes wanting only love, and he says, “Tatha asthul!” (It will be so.) Other people ask for the wrong things. They come asking for houses, but the result may not be what they intended. Instead, say, “What You want, do that.”

                When the Power comes, it is essential to record what he says, for those words will not come back. If you write his one word, you will get a hundred years in heaven with him. By reading those words, people will not waver.